1. aquanaut

    Great Service from Mercedes Aberdeen...

    Had my C63 in for a 'A' service and M.O.T. yesterday and had requested the 2017/18 comand map update for £99 special offer. Picked up the car and they had also done the MCT transmission update and an ECU update. All for the sum of £459. Cheapest service and extras I have ever had from Mercedes...
  2. T

    RV'ing---The great American & Canadian Pastime

    But Things get toasty sometimes, especially at this time of the year! Something I suppose for a Sunday view, and a cautionionary for you "varacaners"! And Just like car repair shops not all are so well prepared! Some brigades need training! Some are just volunteers. Take care Tuercas...
  3. J

    Great Asian channels now with any TV Bundle Sky

    Sky Asian channels are now free***id=CjwKCAjw8IXMBRB8EiwAg9fgML4zX7lmpMGxsV5gqmg-S1LCNOsqqR_O8ajzWsbM1UvXxEbQLgiO2RoCuHYQAvD_BwE
  4. C240Sport97

    Rolls Royce Great VIII Phantom Exhibition

    Free entry:: Bonhams, New Bond Street, London. New Phantom on display plus 7 other previous Phantoms. Beautifully done, and some lovely cars. Had a very pleasant time there yesterday. Closes 5pm Wednesday 2 August 2017...
  5. JimGreen

    Great Pic.........

    C63 In the Water........... Went to a car show in Hull a few evenings ago and was asked to support the event by putting my C63 on show, as usual I never thought to take any pics, but it seems someone did and got a really good reflection shot. Just found it on Facebook.
  6. grober

    The Great Red Spot. [YOUTUBE HD]SgEsf4QcR0Q[/YOUTUBE HD] Yesterday the Juno probe flew diectly over the Jupiters great red spot- we await results!
  7. J

    Air Conditioning not working great!

    Hi everyone, i recently took my 270 cdi and had the aircon re-gassed, but it hardly seems to have made any difference. When i turn the air con on and off you can hear a change in the fan speed so i think the electronics seem to be ok. Any ideas before i consider taking it to the dealer?
  8. CLSMark

    Not a great advert for Mercedes Bristol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. sssammm

    Great vid

    AMG GT R
  10. F

    A great big thanks to MSL

    Got my CLS63 (W219/M156) in at MSL for a bit of light work, words cannot describe this company
  11. L

    What a great day it's been...........

    To take my toys off SORN. :bannana: Decided last night that they've been sitting, almost unloved, for too long, so taxed the R107, the Exige and the Evora all at the same time. First run at 7 o/c this morning was a 92 mile run in the Exige, followed by a 105 mile run in the Evora and finishing...
  12. JimGreen

    Great Day at MSL.............

    Well, having sold my 62 plate C63 and tried a few alternatives, I purchased it's replacement................. a 63 plate C63 :D:D:D:D I just couldn't find anything that gave me the same enjoyment, performance & luxury. I managed to find a very low mileage (10k from new) in white that appears...
  13. brucemillar

    Great photos and great stories

    Powerful Photos That Will Change The Way You See The World - Posts Worth Sharing Again
  14. A

    Great Autumn colours

  15. N

    AMG GTS tested against other sports cars - great videos

    Hi gents, I thought you might be very interested in watching these videos (quality is really good, made me think that these guys would be much better than the new top gear team IMO)...
  16. PobodY

    Great deal for someone?

    MERCEDES CL CLK S SLK C215 C209 W220 PAIR NEW APEC REAR BRAKE DISCS DSK2145 | eBay Have I read this right? £4.99 for a set of rear discs for the V8 models? - If it was for mine I'd roll the dice, but it doesn't look like they're meant for a 350.
  17. Alfie

    Seal tight - great product.

    Following a nasty biking injury I have been using one of these to aid in showering without getting the bandaging etc, wet; Seal Tight Cast and Wound Protectors Really great product and easy to use. Such a simple idea that has revolutionised by showering during convalescence.
  18. lisa110rry

    Wacking great big tellies and poor 'lip sync'

    This week, I'm dog sitting a friend's two Labradors in his home. He has a massive curved Samsung telly,unbelievably large, and BT telly thing and I'm currently watching 'Ripper Street' (which isn't as good as it was) on it. Perhaps it's because Ican actually see the faces very clearly, but...
  19. gaz_l

    What a great ad - SOTW E220

    Made me chuckle.. Shed of the Week: Mercedes E220 estate | PistonHeads Cheers, Gaz
  20. J

    Another Great PCS Experience!!

    Thanks to Olly for fitting the smartTOP module to the SL55 today. This was the 2nd attempt as first one was faulty. Also had orange engine light come on the way down which after being put on the STAR system was the Pressure Sensor B28. Olly thinks it could be the belt slipping. As it had a new...
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