1. reflexboy

    Greenoaks MB Ascot-Any good?

    Just a quick one. Does anyone have any experience of dealing with MB Ascot car sales? Good/bad or ugly?
  2. jfhuk

    Greenoaks Slough

    Ive seen a rather old thread, detailing folks issues in the past with this dealer. Whats the current opinion? Has there been any improvement, or are things still the same?
  3. Alfie

    Great service from Greenoaks Ascot

    All too often people bash some dealerships on the forum. Well I can only say how good Greenoaks in Ascot are. When I started looking for a new Smart I contacted three dealers. Two followed up the enquiries regularly and kept in touch. One more so than the other. It was Chris Odell at...
  4. salesac1

    £35 MOT at Greenoaks in Berkshire

    Just seen an ad by Greenoaks (MB stealers) in local paper - they are offering MOT for £35 (saving £15.35) plus 25% contribution towards the price of any MOT-related work. Applies to the Ascot, Reading & Slough stealerships and is valid only for MB cars. The ad doesn't say if this is a...
  5. agatward

    MP3 support and Greenoaks (long)

    Hi all, I'm new here (and new to Mercedes too), please forgive me if I post in the wrong place. I took delivery of my W169 just over a week ago from Greenoaks. So far very pleased with the car, although the delivered mileage was a little high (65 miles). However, I am now in a "dispute" with...
  6. P

    Greenoaks of Slough

    Hi folks, Any one had experience of Greenoaks, main dealer in Slough, for servicing. Thanks, Paul.
  7. Maff

    caught greenoaks

    My new SL is at the dealers waiting for me to collect it on Tuesday. I drove past yesterday and saw it all ready and waiting in the dealers locked car park, which can be seen from the road. I happened to drive past today and to my horror saw two people sat in it having a play! :confused: I...
  8. Maff

    Don't think i'm welcome at Greenoaks any more...

    As mentioned in my service thread earlier this, I took my car to Greenoaks today for a number of warrantee items to be fixed. One of the items was for them to do something with the armrest as it was stained with oil from the last visit to them, which I could not remove. I knew that some...
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