1. Real Merc Man

    S205 Front Grille Replacement

    Has anyone replaced their front grille on a 2015 S205 C Class AMG line. Does it just pop out or do I have to remove the bumper to get it out. Many thanks in advance
  2. RickyBurrows

    new grille fitted, wheels next...

    Fitted the new grille not sure on it yet but with the new wheels ordered im hoping it will all tie in good and grow on me. Before Now
  3. tron

    W202 passenger front door speaker grille

    In grey, please if anybody has one.
  4. merc85

    211 E CLASS Front distronic grille

    As above finally decided i want to get rid of the Black distronic grille on brutus and replace with a Std distronic Chrome one. So if you have one to sell or want to swap please pm:thumb:
  5. D

    Facelift W209 CLK grille wanted

    As per above, if you have one let me know thanks.

    129 grille

    I am after a 129 grille off 96 onwards [ 6 slat ] as long as slats are ok condition unimportant thanks Richard
  7. brucemillar

    W124 Chrome Grille

    Friends I am looking for a pre-facelift chrome grille for my 124. Specifically I need the large outer chrome part (the bit that the MB star goes through). I would consider the complete grille if you you would rather not split. The chrome must be A1 on the outside. My own grille is very...
  8. merc85

    w211 Grille with Distronic

    Hi after the above Pre facelift Grille with Distronic, must be in good condition and in chrome.
  9. Mrhanky

    W211 Front grille big star Black inserts

    W211 pre facelift Front Grille (After Market) large star, 3 fin with black inserts. Grille is in good condition with some age related marks that should mostly polish out. Price is £80 including postage
  10. Markymarkf

    GLC front grille

    Just after some advice, I'm looking to change the front grille, i am after the diamond pin grille, I've had a look in ebay but my concern is whats the quality and fitting, They are all in USD and seem to be shipped from China. where do i start ? and is it better to source on in the UK? Has...
  11. Dogbreath

    W211 facelift Grille 2006+

    Hi I'm after a Standard Facelift grille, just the slatted version, no badges or stars..! Think they are 2006 onwards Must have all fitting clips... no cracks or gouges Light marks are not a prob as it's getting painted Cheers Lee
  12. Growy16

    Grille painting

    Update on my C63. Stage 3 Weistec is now fitted and I have the bits back from Wicked Coatings. I am absolutely delighted with these. The grille looks spot on. They also sprayed the rear diffuser black and applied a carbon dip. And the Merc star on the boot is now black. WC are specialist custom...
  13. R129Melvin

    SL R129 Facelift Grille, Audio 10 Cassette Player, Centre Caps

    Unwanted parts from my 2000 R129. Original facelift grille - 4 slats as opposed to earlier 5. Unmarked but could do with a good clean - £180 Audio 10 Cassette Player with Original Handbook - Was working fine when removed but volume button is a bit knarly as they all seem to be Not sure if this...
  14. P

    2006 CLS W219 Front Grille Upgrade

    Hi all, just thought I'd share a recent upgrade I did myself. Easy to do, requiring little knowledge, I replaced the grille on the front of my recently purchased 2006 CLS 320 CDI. I think it sets the front of nicely, makes it look a bit newer. Love the back of the car as it is and will keep...
  15. R

    E63 grille cover removal advice.

    I've got a couple of large stone chips on the component called the 'grille cover' on the grille of my car (part 9 on the attached pic) and I want to replace it with a new one. Does anyone know if this can be removed without taking off the front bumper? I've seen a video on YouTube where the...
  16. A

    2012 (A207) E-Class Grill

    Hi all, I've recently changed my grill to a single bar design and will be looking to sell the double bar that came on the car. It came off my 62 plate E250 Cab. Overall it is in very good condition and none of the clips were damaged in removing it, I've only got the one picture at the minute...
  17. Pete W

    Black Grille for a 2013 C63

    Hi All Can a black grille be had for a 2013 C63. Done some searching and can find ones for non C63's but not one that will actually fit a C63 Any ideas ?
  18. B

    2003 W203 Bonnet Grille

    Anyone breaking a W203? I need a front grille Thanks
  19. C


    Hi I've just bought myself a w204. Unfortunately it's back in the garage with a coolant leak! I'm going to change the grille but really not sure which I prefer. The car is obsidian black so not sure if the matte black grill will clash/ look odd? If someone has a close up picture of...
  20. Scooby_Doo

    Black Gloss or White grille center ??

    There was something not quite right with my new coupe and I couldn't quite figure out what it was . I think it's the Gloss Black grille centre . As it's in the bodyshop at the moment I'm considering asking them to paint it white Your comments would be appreciated.
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