1. I

    Replaced C205 Rear Speaker grills for Burmester Grills

    Hi all I got an authentic set of Burmester grills from a guy in Romania. Was a bit worried about replacing the rears as thought I would have to take the entire rear panel out. After a little fiddle, it was easy. The speaker surround just pops out, unclip the standard black grill and replace...
  2. K

    Changing Grills

    Can anybody point me in the right direction trying to change the grill on my 2009 CLC Kompresser but am struggling to find a grill!! Looking for the old style grill but not sure which would fit as mine is a W203 but it's got the W204 facelift? Would this grill...
  3. C

    Availibility of CLS 350 Grand Edition Grills?

    What the #$@&%*! I was following a big 4 wheel drive down a road doing around 40kph when he suddenly slammed on anchors and stopped because he thought a car from a side road was about to hit him. The car in question being quite some distance away. Only damage to 4wd is the chrome cover on his...
  4. R13LLX

    Rear speaker grills

    I'm looking for some advice on how to fix this little problem I now have thanks to my nephew jumping in the back with full football gear on [emoji1] I have a c250 and the speakers effected are the both rears Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. S

    CLK55 Pre Facelift Front Grills

    Great to replace damaged grills! Middle: Genuine CLK55 Front bumper middle grill A 209 885 00 53 | eBay Left: Genuine CLK55 Left (passenger) fog light grill A 209 885 01 53 | eBay Right: Genuine CLK55 Right (drivers) fog light grill A 209 885 02 53 | eBay
  6. N

    Vito 638 grills?

    Does anyone know if the vito v220 v230 etc grills fit the cdi models. Looking at pics it seems like the headlights are different. I much prefer these grills and would like to fit one to my 2003 cdi112 model. Thanks
  7. Palfrem

    Not a fan of these grills

  8. kalvin928

    Departing with bladed grills

    Was looking at trying to get rid the oem grill.. 1st thought about matt black... But now thinking of a black metal mesh... Might try to photoshop this to get idea on how it would look. Problem is I haver never seen one... This is without any blades and just a black mesh... I gather this needs to...
  9. B

    Are all b class sports grills the same? W245

    Hello! My wife has decided she wants a 3 bar sports gill on her b class. I'm very impressed by this so I want to get her one right away. There are a few on ebay right now but I wanted to check they are all the same as I've messaged the sellers with no response. She has a 2007 B170 pre...
  10. J

    Mercedes Clk AMG w209 bumper grills, help please!

    Hi guys, looking for the bumper grilles for a facelift amg clk w209. for just one fog light surround mercedes want €150!!! Anyone know where i could get them cheaper or some good breakers? thanks this is the bumper type:
  11. KillerHERTZ

    W209 CLK55/W203 C55 Front bumper + All Grills, Both Foglights

    As some of you may know I have recently fitted a CLK63 AMG Front bumper to my W209. As a result I have a spare CLK55 AMG Front bumper - complete with all attachments. The bumper is in good condition apart from: -A tiny crack 5mm which is hidden from view when the foglight grill is fitted...
  12. KillerHERTZ

    CLK63 AMG Front Bumper Grills & Screws

    Anyone with the EPC mine getting me a diagram of the CLK63 AMG front number? I need the part numbers for the front centre grill, and all the screws/bolts. Thanks!
  13. mct_cars

    R107 Windscreen grills - plastic expansion plugs p/n

    On the R107, there are two air intake grills beneath the windscreen - the slatted bits either side of the wipers........ Anyways, I've looked at every picture on the EPC and I can't find them - I'm looking for the plastic expansion plugs that keep them in place - there's three on each one...
  14. SilverSaloon

    Pair of 10cm (4") speaker grills

    Hi i am in need of a pair of 10cm speaker grills. The actual speakers are not needed - just the grills. PM me if you have some cheap. thanks derek
  15. Ian_C

    Wanted - W208 CLK - Driver Door - SRS badge and Speaker Grills

    Currently for a 1998 CLK W208 I am after: 1: SRS badge for the drivers door 2: Black speaker grills for drivers door, Just to tidy up the car a bit. Happy with good condition second hand items. Thanks for reading. Ian
  16. M

    New "W204" C-Class grills....

    I shall probably be lambasted by my fellow members for this, but I'd just like to see if I'm alone on this one.... With it's Elegance spec'ed cars, the new C-Class saloon and estate has the "correct" grill, with bonnet-mounted star. But why now are they offering the Sport model (Avantgarde to...
  17. J

    W202 Avantgarde grills??

    The people who sell the chrome grills for the W202 C-Class on E-Bay seem to have stopped doing so. I made the mistake of buying a set of plastic chrome strips which really doesnt look right on a Mercedes. I would like to buy the actual grill insert but the only ones seem to be the CL type for...
  18. D

    220 cdi grills

    hi all any ideas , i have a 220cdi and i would like to change the grill to one with the star in the center. and put a flat one on the bonnet . now not sure about this but first can you get one for this model i see a lot on e bay but they dont give sizes , my car is dec2002 anybody fitted one i...
  19. 2

    upgrade grills for w202's

    any recommendations on a grill upgrade for a 96 c200 sports?.........have seen a carbon-look/chrome grill from usa, has anyone bought one? or know of anywhere else i can buy this type. thanks & thanks for moving to bodywork section - us newbies r all the same (& an ex-bmw at...
  20. C

    Variable number of rungs on radiator grills - why?

    Not the most important thing in the world, but does anyone know if there is any rhyme or reason to the number of "rungs" that Mercedes put on the radiator grills? My 1997 E320 Avantgarde has 5 rungs (6 spaces), whereas a neighbour's 2002 E-class Avantgarde (no badge on back so not sure of...
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