1. gr1nch

    Experiences picking up a new car on 1st March? At Grimsby?

    The dealer in buying from were keen to point out said they'll be very busy. They've back-to-back 30 minute pickup slots all day and I picked one. Curious on members experiences getting a new car on this day. * Do all the things happen that you would get when normally buying a new car at a...
  2. P

    Mercedes Grimsby

    Hi I will be travelling south to Mercedes Grimsby at the end of January to pick up my sister-in-law's new GLC 220d Sport. She is having ongoing medical treatment and her medication will make sitting for long periods in the car very difficult in the short term so I've offered to pick the car...
  3. T

    MB Grimsby

    Me and Mrs Truffs decided to take the SLK out to the coast to stretch the legs with the roof down. Called into MB Grimsby to have a look, and in the showroom they had only 1 new car and weren't interested in selling anything new either. It was full of approved used and I felt like I was in a...
  4. robert.saunders

    You're less likely to have a personal plate in Grimsby, especially on your Citroen BX

    People who have personalised number plates on their cars are most likely to live in Scotland, a survey has found The Grimsby Docks in England is where drivers are least likely to have them. The survey found owners of luxury cars, such as Ferraris, were more likely to splash out on the special...
  5. M

    anyone here from hull,lincoln or grimsby?

    bit of a long shot but i wondered if theres any members who live at one of these places who would be willing to go to the pc world store there and pick up a satnav and then mail it to me. The model i want is on offer and only available for instore pickup and those stores are the only ones who...
  6. wallingd

    Double treat @ Grimsby dealer today!!!

    Sorry can't find the CLS thread - I guess it's been deleted because we've just about all seen them now the subject has dried up, but thought I'd have a zip out this afternoon to our dealer in Laceby - and what did I see?
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