1. Man18430

    Power Steering Whine & Grind

    Hello everyone, I have to say that I'm a first post Virgin so treat me gently. I own a ML 270 (W163) which has developed a whining and occassional grinding from the front end. The problem started as just a whine which was present when turning the steering from lock to lock, also present was a...
  2. benzers

    Grind sweet W124

    this is about a 1991 230TE, that I'm learning to respect, she was poor, though getting there.. So today's question is about grinding. When I start her up in the morning, the first 10 meter's of driving she makes a grinding noise that is coming from the from of the car, it definitely sounds...
  3. EDZ649

    Someone has an axe to grind!

    1997 MERCEDES CL500 AUTO SILVER on eBay (end time 13-Jun-10 17:05:28 BST)
  4. L

    intermittant grind on brakes

    Get an intermittant grinding noise at the end of braking on the front off side disc. any idea as there seems to be plenty of meat left on the pads???
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