1. Peter Michaels

    Grinding sound

    Hello. When the car is stationary with the engine running. The gear is set to drive and i just play slightly with releasing the brake pedal very slowly, a medium loud grinding sound comes up which lasts until the brake is fully released and the car starts rolling. If i release the brake...
  2. B

    Grinding from wheels?

    Hi guys, So my partner has an A180 AMG 62 plate and when it's driving there seems to be a sort of grinding noise coming from the wheels as far as I can pinpoint it. The noise is not constant (more like the rate of a steam train ha) but happens more the faster the car goes obviously haha, iv...
  3. clk320x

    Brakes grinding noise

    My brakes are making a loud grinding noise when I brake at low speeds to a stop, such as when manoeuvring around my parking area. I have had my rear brake pads replaced before, and I was told at the time the fronts had around 40% left, so I assume they have worn out now... ECP have a good...
  4. N

    Grinding noise at low speed - e280CDI

    Hi This is my first ever post - new member and all that but I have an issue which is baffling me. My car is a 2009 e280CDI Sport W211 (G7 box). Amazing car in every respect. I have done 60,000 miles in the car (now at 90,000) and have done all the servicing myself using Mercedes parts...
  5. 4

    w211 E270 cdi grinding noise

    hi all. when turning steering wheel from right to left it makes a grindig noise or like knock knock in right wheel.also sometime the steer makes hard.?????
  6. Piff

    Tree stump grinding

    I have 4 large tree stumps to get rid of, between 700mm & 900mm diameter and probably just as deep. It has been suggested to me that stump grinding is the best option. Not done this before, normally get them hooked out with a digger, but this then leaves the problem of disposing of the stump...
  7. zaen1

    c43 grinding noise in P and N

    Hi everyone,a problem has started with my c43 gearbox. I drove it a couple of miles today and when just a few mins away from home i heard a clonk kind of noise,i parked it up straight away and put in into P and a grinding noise was heard,i changes through all of other gears and the grinding...
  8. P

    ABS light on and grinding noise

    Hi Anyone have an idea what this could be. Driving home from holiday yesterday (with 4 kids in the car) about 80 miles from home the ABS light came on. Got two error messages on the dash. ESP defective visit workshop ABS defective visit workshop. As everything else seemed ok so I...
  9. sherco450

    w210 E240 metal filings & grinding around pulley area

    Haven't had a chance to have a closer look ,bucketing down with rain. Started the v6 this morning and grinding noise was heard. Shut down the engine, lifted bonnet and saw a heap of metal filings around tension pulley /crank shaft area. what will be the worst . lm aware of the pulley tensions...
  10. L

    A class grinding noise

    Hope I have posted in the right place. Has anyone on here suffered with the following. SWMBO 's A class has developed a grinding noise coming from the rear near side on the first left hand turn first thing in the morning, after that all is OK until the next morning. Have taken it into two MB...
  11. P

    Grinding sound when braking... W202 C180

    Hi Guys, I just bought a 1996 W202 C180. She has done alot of km's - 367 000 to be exact, but I got her for a steal out of a deseased estate. Anyways, back to the problem... She has new brake pads and discs on. Now the following happens when driving. When braking normal, all is good, no...
  12. S

    Super charger grinding noise

    I took the car today to have the crank position sensor changed, when I arrived to collect the car the mechanic said that when you turn off the engine you can hear a grinding noise from the super charger. I’ve never really noticed but now he has pointed it out its all i can hear. I have read on...
  13. ladd220

    Grinding sound when braking/applying breaks at slow speed

    Hi all, The car: w124 e220 coupe, 1996. I have just had new ball joints, idler arm bushes and tie rods put in. Its made a big difference to the ride quality and absorbs the potholes alot better now. However, since i've had them done, i've noticed a kind of rubbing/grinding/creaking noise...
  14. C

    2003 w203 1.8 kompressor grinding noise

    Hello just wondered weather anyone could give me an idea of what has gone wrong with the wifes 2003 1.8 kompressor when i start it and give it any revs it makes a noise from the top end like gears grateing and runns rough but after a minute it runns ok but if driven it waites till youve done...
  15. ladd220

    w124 e220 coupe - whirring grinding sound from under car

    Hi Folks, I hope someone can help... i have a 1996 w124 coupe. I posted a thread earlier this year explaining that i have a noise coming from under my car when its in DRIVE or REVERSE and the brake pedal is pressed. It was thought that it might be a vacuum leak causing the whistling/whirring...
  16. John_Doe

    Burning smell and grinding noise!

    Ok help needed badly now. firstly the car is a W202 C230K 1999. I have two issues and I do not know if these are related but i would guess they are. I noticed the other day that when i started the car there was a really loud grinding noise coming from the engine bay. If the engine is left to...
  17. Danny DeVito

    Grinding paste on injector end ?

    I would like opinions please on using grinding paste to properly seat injectors and seals instead of using a cutting tool. First using the inj alone and then with paste between the inj and seal and the head and seal. What do you think ? If it gives valves a near perfect seat then why not an...
  18. Mattyn

    W208 CLK230K Grinding Brakes

    Hi All Mrs M came home from work today and as we were chatting over tea, she mentioned that her brakes were making a grinding noise. Now I immediately thought worn pads, as you do but was bothered why the wear sensor did not indicate anything. So took it to the end of the road - really loud...
  19. D

    Grinding Noise turning left and under acceleration

    Hi fellow MB owners. I am new to this forum so a quick introduction about myself and car. My name is Darrell and I (proudly) own a 2001 CLK 320 Convertible. It has given me 6 years trouble free motoring up until last week. I have noticed a horrible grinding noise coming from the o/s front of the...
  20. KillerHERTZ

    Angle Grinding Rust

    Once the weather improves I think I will have a go at removing my wings and using an Angle Grinder on them. Ive never done this before, any tips?
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