1. -Ian

    New user that can't stop grinning

    A quick hello and welcome to fellow MB members. This is my first ever Mercedes. My previous 2 cars have been a Focus RS and a Jag XFR but today I collected a car I've always wanted but never thought I would ever own. Oh, and a quick question. Is there a miles to empty option in the display...
  2. N

    Grinning like a Cheshire cat

    I just got back from a testdrive in a CLK55 AMG. Phwwooooaaarrr!! What a luvly noise. The mixture of squealing tyres, booming exhaust, and maniacal laughter is quite addictive. The display said 12-point something mpg for the hour-long drive, and I reckon it should have a read-out for rear...
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