1. Nastynick

    Minor W210 electrical gripes

    I've bought an '99 E300 TD Avantgarde estate and have discovers a couple of little things that are dulling the otherwise glorious feeling I get just looking at it. 1. The N/S folding door mirror is very slow to fold and unfold. 2. The interior light doesn't come on when the doors are open. I...
  2. W210 Fan

    SEC seatbelt arms and other gripes

    Do all SEC`s have the auto seatbelt hands like these? mine dont work but I dont know whether it has them or not, the seatbelt is in a...
  3. D

    123 300 gripes

    hello, recently bought a 123 300td s wagon, manual, 170k miles. Firstly there is a huge amount of play in steering box and after attempting to adjust it to no avail, you do turn the nut clockwise?! I wonder if there is anyone in the Yorks are able to re con this box? Incidentally, it was...
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