1. D

    w208 - Slight groaning noise when turning steering wheel

    Hi folks My w208 is off to the garage tomorrow to have the tracking sorted, and I've asked them to take a look at a potential problem with the steering while it's there. Just to help me better understand what to expect, I wondered if anyone had encountered a similar problem. The issue...
  2. A

    A170 Engine groaning noise

    Hi I have just bought a 6 year old Mercedes A170 automatic from my local dealer. Fortunately they gave me a 12 month full Merc warranty on it. The engine when warm makes a groaning/low humming noise which almost matches the engine revs. In other words a slight delay. It sounds like a big belt...
  3. maestegman

    Groaning Power Steering

    I have a 03 W211 E270 CDI. I've started experiencing a loud "groan" when I turn the steering wheel to full lock. Ideas?
  4. D

    SBC Groaning??

    Hi All I have a late 2005 E280 CDI - SPORT The module in the front left corner of the engine bay which I believe to be the SBC module groans randomly! The groaning lasts for 3-5 seconds at a time, sometimes when I turn the engine on or off, when rolling in slow traffic pr stopping at...
  5. L

    w203 groaning steering

    Merry Newmas everyone! My w203 had a mildly groaney right-hand turn if I was turning up hill ever since I bought the car in October(?). Well before xmas anyway. As the weather has gotten colder, the groaning has become worse, and it now groans (and an accompanying groan-related mild vibration)...
  6. S

    Groaning from Steering

    I just started manouvering into a space today and when I applied some lock (not full) a groaning sound was audible and a slight vibration was present. It was fine on the way to work, but a quick foray to the other site and back and now the car does this. I ventured round the car park and...
  7. D

    W203 'groaning' steering..????

    Hello, W203 C180K 2003, 34,000 miles. All tyres have good tread and are balanced and even wear. Have noticed that the steering makes a grinding/groaning noise when turning steering even a little+very slight vibration through wheel when this happens. Noise seems to come from area of the...
  8. C

    odd groaning noise on A150 (W169)

    Odd. Our A150 (new shape W169) has just developed an intermittent noise. Sounds a bit like a pump groaning, or something. It does not change with rpm, nor braking, nor with speed, it occurs when moving and at rest. Once it occurs, it will continue until the ignition is turned off. If the car...
  9. culpano

    W211 E320 groaning noise from behind dash

    Hi, I've just driven my mates W211 E320. It's an 03 reg and he's had it about a week. There's a strange groaning noise that seems to come from behind the instrument panel every so often. It lasts about 3 seconds and happens when stopped and with foot on the brakes. Sometimes he says the noise...
  10. scottishc280

    groaning from the steering

    I have had a strange groaning from the steering for the last 3 weeks. It is only when turning right at at about 20-30mph. Always when going round a roundabout a little faster than the average driver. If I steer slightly left when the noise is evident it goes away. When I try turning right...
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