1. jonnyboy

    gross misconduct

    Hi all Me again, but for a mate this time! Mate of mine is in similar game to me. Times very hard, work coming in but he has big debts and needs £ quickly. Has a few vans out, and seems like a newly-promoted (8/9 months ago) contract maintenance van foreman is taking the ****. Nothing...
  2. AbbieCadabra

    Anyone? do you run a Limited Company & get paid gross on the CIS scheme?

    i just wondered if anyone else has any knowledge of this? we're a small joinery company with 5 employees in total, including me & husband as company directors. i do all the day to day paperwork & everything goes to our accountants once a year for the returns etc. to my horror, i got a...
  3. N

    Door lock - gross stupidity.

    Door won't open - Gross Stupidity Alert. Today I excelled myself in an act of absentminded muttonheadedness. The outer O/S rear door handle on my 190E 2.6 stopped working some time ago. Not a huge inconvenience as it still opened from the inside, so I figured next time it's in the shop they...
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