1. C

    Grrrr turbo :-(

    Well I have been having a weird juddering at 1200 rpm my CLS320 was never sure what it was as it went away after a few miles. merc solutions took a look at it.... and it's the turbo :-( Leave it idling for a few minutes and then rev it and just plumes of smoke get chucked out. really...
  2. M

    Grrrr! - link to chassis code reader?

    Having a right annoying time. The radiator has gone on the old barge. Having posted in here, Nick @ euromerc was sure he had the right one and gave us a good deal. However, it isn't the right one. This car seems to have a number of weird things on it. First it was the wheel bolts that no...
  3. timskemp


    Car all nice and clean and shiny, and now with a big dent in the boot from a 4x4 reversing into it in Tesco car park at lunchtime... Does it ever end?? And what is the point of "Spare wheel covers" - there would have been no damage to either car if it had not been for that.
  4. Sp!ke

    Radio controlled planes ... grrrr

    My 8 year old son had his birthday yesterday and today we went out to fly his new radio controlled plane bought by his grandfather. What a total disaster. All I can say is this thing has the aerodynamics of a house brick. Not even a whiff of being able to climb, fly or even glide, the damn...
  5. jaymanek

    Telephone Line Issue - BT GRRRR

    Right, -Wind last Friday -BT Cable on Floor -Call BT, say put back please -5 days of messing about / engineers looking at the house from over the road -Today they tell me new legislation means they cant just put the cable back as our bungalow is less than 3.2M high... -BT now applying...
  6. Alps

    Flat battery Grrrr.

    Was installing a TMC unit to my alpine Sat nav this afternoon, and started worrying when the screen kept switching off?!!? found out whne i went to start the car that the battary was dead! Stuck it on a charger overnight, let you know if i have any probs! Rant over :)
  7. pepper&boulou

    Grrrr water pump just packed in.

    Water pump now leaking will have to be replaced , it was the power steering pump and the tentioner last month GRRRR. :mad: :mad:
  8. scruffy

    kids grrrr

    was curious why our home tel had been cut off today, always pay the bills on time etc. Having contacted our provider transpires my 11yr old son has rattled up nearly £300 in 3 weeks :eek: calling his mates on mobiles, turns out the providers automatically suspend your account once you hit a...
  9. Philirv

    Incident with Vodafone - GRRRR !

    With the impending laws on mobile phones in cars, I decided to get vodafone to install a hands free mobile phone kit in my car (W124) Not wanting a hole in the roof, I specifically ordered a bumper mounted antenna. When the guy arrived to install, he said that they had sent the wrong...
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