1. flango

    Not a good start to the weekend Grrrrrr!

    Well they say it comes in threes so I'm waiting for the third :D Yesterday evening someone kindly ran into the back of SWMBO whilst she was stationary at a red light, needs a new bumper but doesn't look to be any chassis panel damage but wont know until I get it on an alignment rig, problem...
  2. P

    Front end replaced..STILL got shimmy/vibration grrrrrr

    Well today I had the front upper and lower control arms replaced, as well as tie rod ends and drop links. Still getting the shimmy through the car, so it MUST be the from the rear, surely? Does anyone have any help/suggestions or ideas? It driving me a bit potty to be honest! Thanks
  3. G

    Grrrrrr! New E Class Estate delayed

    Having sold my Impreza for a tidy sum a lot more quickly and easily than I thought I would, I've just got to wait to 1st March for My new W211 E320cdi Avantgarde Estate..or so I thought. Called the dealer this afternoon to check all was OK as I hadn't heard anything from them for a while. The...
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