1. SL350_SWINDON

    R230 GSM Antenna

    Hello All, How is the GSM antenna removed from the rear wing???
  2. S

    GSM Command Module not upgradeable ! Help

    Hi, I bought a new SL55 in Sept 03, with all the toys, including the GSM kit for a Nokia 6310(i). As 6310s have now been end of life for a while, I approached my dealer (Harrogate) about upgrading the GSM kit to bluetooth or something else whereby I could use newer phones. I was told...
  3. sym

    GSM Aerial Adapter

    Does anybody know what sort of adapter needs to be used to connect a standard GSM Car Antenna to the MB Nokia Cradle ? The screw thread is much wider on the cradle end than on the aerial that I currently have fitted (tax disc variety). I'm probably going to replace with another aerial...
  4. M

    Aerials GPS + GSM, adaptors, leads, converters

    I found this link to a company in Finland. Has a wide range of Wiclic and HRS connector adaptors. Would be a useful resource to any person wanting a wide choice of antennas and still wanting to maintain the MB connections...
  5. M

    W203 GSM part numbers - rear window

    A203 820 04 75 - Antenna post (I made an edit here) A203 820 13 75 - Antenna base A203 823 00 74 - Internal glass mounted transponder
  6. M

    W203 rear glass GPS / RADIO / TV / GSM myth .... uncovered.

    Ok, like me im sure that most people have been told that the rear glass on different W203 models is different depending on which options are factory installed. WRONG. The truth is this. - The heater element pattern is for radio only. - The GSM cable is the only thing that...
  7. M

    W203 GSM and GPS rear glass setup

    I recently had my radio amp replaced on the W203. It was done for free. Since I dont have a phone or GPS factory install I was wondering how the OEM setup works. Would someone like to post the rear glass mounted setup for GSM and GPS. I know that there is some fundamental difference...
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