1. C

    W124 Optional Equipment Connector X30 - where is it >

    I have a late W124 E220 Cabriolet. My external mirrors have stopped working. It isn't the fuse (B) because the seat belt arms are both OK. The switch seems to be OK and earth is sound because the light still works. I understand that the main power feed to the switch comes via an Optional...
  2. U

    Upgrade Audio50 -> Comand NTG 4.5 in a C207?

    I am considering replacing/upgrading my Audio 50 with a Comand NTG 4.5 in my C207 M/Y 2009. There are several salvaged complete units (Head-unit & Display) available in scrapyards in Sweden that could be located using the scrappers internet service. I know that in order to fit, a Comand must...
  3. toffee-pie

    for sale >16 x NGK LFR6AIX-11 SPARK PLUG IRIDIUM POWER (6619)

    Guys, Since my CL55 is no more, I have 16 of these to go. Can post back to seller but will see if there is interest here. Subtotal USD 127.20 PostageUSD 14.22 Import charges USD 31.84 Total USD 173.26 Sell for face value, $128
  4. S

    Grey C63 Saloon - Saltash > Plymouth

    Spotted this car twice now, just wondering if it's a forum car (quick search suggests there is a user called Vealige with a C63 in Saltash)? If so, i'm the guy you let in the queue with the black CLS55. You car sounds ridiculous :cool: - got me thinking i should save a bit more!
  5. M

    EuroTrip - West -> East

    Hiya! I am going on holiday by car on 18th of July. I've already booked the tickets - Dover - Dunkirk - but I heard lately that I should also make an online payment for crossing the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge. It's just 2.50 GBP (one way), so not a big deal, but those who fail to pay can face...
  6. DanMorgan

    R230 sl -> ferrari california

    DNA Westcoast replica/kit car full build based on a mercedes SL500 V8 | eBay
  7. D

    Roof Rack / Bars for W205 / 2014 > C Class

    Roof Rack / Bars for W205 Looking for recommendations for a roof rack feet / bars for the W205 (with panno roof if it makes any diff.) I want ones which lock on. Thanks
  8. F

    [help] mb 190e 2.0 -> 2.3-16

    As some of you might know, I'm "building" a track car based on a 190E 2.0 with 2.3-16 mechanics. Everything is in its right place, however for some reason the electricity doesn't get inside the car. All the wiring in the engine bay is from the 2.3-16. The wiring on the interior is from the...
  9. F

    [project] W201 190E 2.0 -> 2.3-16

    Transplant has begun. Here are the first pics. For now, removing SLS and replacing the gaskets. 2.0 8v that is coming out. The diff will also be replaced. ASD (3.23) in ABS diff out (3.48) ABS: ASD: The clutch on the 2.0 is better, so it will be used as well.
  10. R

    2010 C63 Estate --> 2014 535i Touring

    I went to test drive a 535d Touring yesterday, amazing car but a diesel so today I did a deal on the only used 535i Touring on the BMW AUC site nationally. It's a Mar-14 car in Carbon Black and apart from the typical M Sport Plus Package, Media Package, Xenons etc it has a Panoramic roof, speed...
  11. D

    W210 Facelift > Full Electric/Momory Passenger Seat Retrofit

    I've done a search on this and only comes up with drivers side retrofit - I already have memory driver seat. I have access to a donor car which his left hand drive and has an electric drivers seat. I would like to implant this seat as a RHD passenger full electric memory seat. Its a short...
  12. R

    ---> Please Read!

    The sniping and bad behaviour the last couple of days has annoyed many and detracts from the best Mercedes Forum. I am only a moderator on one section and not an admin, able to dish out more severe punishments, but some of you seem to be determined to get suspended or banned. Some of the other...
  13. cws196

    W203 estate > where to place axle stands?

    As above, are there any specific points to place axle stands? Obviously can't use the jack points on the sills, but can't see anywhere else obvious to use (looked at the bottom of the spring cup/suspension arm, but doesn't look safe).
  14. cws196

    W203 estate > tracking down a rear 'clonk'

    Noticed on my W203 estate that there's a clonk coming from the rear of the car when you going over a speed bump etc - almost sounds like something loose in the boot. Going to start by replacing he rear ARB's, seeing as they're easy to do and only £13 for the pair/genuine MB. Any tips on...
  15. A

    W208 > W209 Steering wheel retrofit

    Hi guys, Not sure if this is a plain stupid idea but would it be possible to retrofit a W209 steering wheel to my W208 or has anyone done anything similar? I'm guessing the spline's are the same so it'll physically fit but can I get the steering controls/airbag to work? Cheers...
  16. The Boss

    Anyone travelling Stockport (Cheshire) --> London soon

    hi need a some logisitical help anyone travelling from Stockport, Cheshire to London, and can collect some car parts (floor carpet) from Stockport on route and bring it down to London.. - Ideally NW London (Middlesex) I am happy to buy you lunch or dinner / drinks as a thankyou or cash if you...
  17. F

    HELP! -> 722.6 Still with problem after the change of sensor plate

    Hi. I'm having big issues with my 2001 W203 C270cdi gearbox. Situation: Few months ago it starts to go to limb mode and slip gear when it was hot. After look in the forum and around the internet and having the scanner showed errors 014, 110 (RPM Comparison N2 to N3 Implausible), 146...
  18. J

    A169 Merc A150 > 5W-30 or 0W-40 ?

    Hiya, I have a 2005 Mercedes A150 with a mileage of 40K and i want to do an OIL change. Which oil is recommended and better for this car ... Castrol 5W-30 or Castrol 0W-40? Thanks
  19. mercedescl500

    Has this been covered > e320 Coupe

    Has this car been spotted yet ? Looks very nice. Mercedes E320 COUPE AMG *Top Of The Range* LHD LEFT HAND DRIVE 320ce ce | eBay
  20. billywhiz

    Tyres - Accelera PHI > Anyone tried ? ?

    Hi guys, Just a question on these tyres, basically they are a lower price tyre with a semi hard compound and the tread pattern very similar to Conti Sport 2's Looking around seen mixed reviews from different people but no-one really slating them. Of course not the tyres if you doing...
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