1. mercmanuk

    Gtech air ram cordless vac

    GTECH air ram 22 volt cordless vac voted the best vac ever,this is true. I can hoover the lounge with a dyson then use this and it picks up dirt and carpet fibres. few months old but only used a few times,father cant get used to it!!!!!. totally unmarked as new Gtech AirRam Vacuum...
  2. janner

    Anyone got a G-Tech meter?

    As the title really. I have access to a weighbridge and thought it might be fun to see some 0-60 and 1/4mile numbers on the E320 turbo.
  3. A

    G-Tech Pro?

    Does anyone have experience with this one? It is advertised at the G-Tech site for $249, which with the exchange rate seems quite reasonable, but would like to know about some first-hand comments first.
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