1. John N

    Gtechniq Protection

    Just had my W205 done with Gtechniq Protection Crystal Serum Black with EXO. Paintwork coated with Crystal Serum Black then topped with EXO Gtechniq Protection Glass G6 then coated with Gtechniq G1 ClearVision Smart Glass. Gtechniq Protection Wheels Gtechniq W6 Iron and General...
  2. developer

    Is This GTechniq All Smoke And Mirrors?

    I filmed this a few days ago. The car was treated with Gtechniq Crystal Serum 25 months ago. I've never polished, waxed or even dried the car since (though I do use a DI vessel during washing/rinsing). I'd say, taking into account the labour cost and material cost of the more...
  3. H

    Gtechniq Detail advice

    With summer not too far away (not as if we get much of a summer) I'd like to give my A45 a good clean / detail. I want a ceramic coating so based on reviews etc I think I want to go with gtechniq products. Now I could get someone local to do this for me, but I've holidays to use up so was...
  4. B

    gTechniq ceramic worth it or not?

    With any luck, will take delivery of an Obsidian Black C63S in under a month. Having had a number of black cars (current one included) I'm aware of how they can be a bit of a nightmare to keep looking good. A friend has just bought a BMW 435d in black also, and is thinking about getting it...
  5. developer

    E63S Gets Its Gtechniq Treatment

    Russ and Harry at Midlands Car Care (Walsall) gave my car "the treatment" over the last few days. This is the second E63 of mine they've applied Gtechniq products to :thumb:. Gtechniq Smart Surface Science | Basically, the car is cleaned, degreased, two stage polished and then sealed, meaning...
  6. A

    Gtechniq outlets

    Evening Gents I'm determined to stay on top of keeping the new car clean so got it detailed by Gtechniq guy. He has advised I avoid my favourite Polish car wash and give the car a quick run over myself to stay on top of it as the potions he applied will make the car easy to clean and stop...
  7. A

    C63 with Gtechniq Cystal Syrum

    C63 AMG with Gtechniq Crystal Syrum Black applied by Matt at System Clenz Weston super Mare, what do ya think ?? Looks better now than when I picked it up from the showroom only a month ago ! Very pleased with the result, the guy is a perfectionist !!! :bannana:
  8. B

    GTechniq in the North East?

    Anyone do the full works do you know? Brand new car and ideally want it sealing.
  9. M

    Gtechniq or Autofinesse

    I am considering coating my 2013 CLS SB (Silver) It was coated I think with Diamondbrite by the dealer and I have applied 1 layer of HD Wax. I have time (retired) and good garage space, I planned a snowfoam wash, 2 bucket wash, light clay then a panel wipe as a prep, is this OK for either...
  10. M

    Gemclean Detailing-This weeks Gtechniq top up details for MBCLUB members

    Hi Guys, Hope everyone is well and enjoyed some of the good weather weve had over the summer (apart from the weather now:( I havn't been on here to make any posts as its been incredibly busy at the studio with getting cars prepped for summer and shows etc. But this week has actually been...
  11. M

    Gemclean Detailing: MBClub Member st13phil E63 BiTurbo Gtechniq Crystal Serum.

    Hi Guys, Hope everyone is well & been enjoying the glorious weather we’ve been having recently! Work is very busy as usual, so not much time to get threads up recently. But I thought I would put this one up as though I have completed quite a few Gtechniq Crystal Serum paint correction details...
  12. RattlerRattler

    Gtechniq work on the SL55....

    After having some paintwork done a few weeks back, I've had some more Gtechniq protection applied by Ed at Devine Detail today - I'm very happy with the results and think she looks fantastic. I've no connection directly with Ed beyong the work he's done on the SL, but would highly recommend his...
  13. M

    Gemclean Detailing-All new Gtechniq Crystal Serum launch-Ferrari 360 Monster Detail

    Hi Guys, As you may or may not know, my website has been running for about 3.5 years now. Due to how busy work can be its very difficult to update it with recent vehicles and testimonials. Luckily 99% of clients who have work done by me follow my work on my company facebook account so it’s...
  14. developer

    Gtechniq Silver Detail

    That will be me then. If you know what the process and products are, you'll know I'm looking forward to it, commencing Tuesday:
  15. C240Sport97

    Am amazed by GTechniq

    Recently had my GT3 treated with GTechniq C1 (body work), G1 (glass) and C5 (wheels). Washed the car last night with GWash. Completely amazed. Dirt and dead insects just wipes off, and when rinsing off, leaves incredible beading. Water just seems to float on the surface, making it...
  16. M

    MBClub Member 'LoveDay' 2012 Mercedes C63 AMG-Complete G-Techniq Correction Detail.

    Hi Guys Work has been very busy, especially with these crystal lacquer protections. With winter coming, it could not be a better time to have such a durable protection. With C1 it becomes the functional surface of your vehicles paintwork making it a covalent bond. This alone is much stronger...
  17. M

    G-Techniq EXO Hybrid Coating Mini Demo

    Hi Guys 29 Days ago I applied EXO Hybrid Coating to the bonnet. The van has not been washed/touched since this date so the bonnet also has 29 days of road grime and contaminants on top of the coating. But as you can see it still has great beading elements. The front windscreen had G1 applied...
  18. neilz


    I've been absent for a while as life seems to be getting busier and busier but I've had time over the bank holiday to do a bit of detailing work. Having just received my car back from MB complete with one new huge scuff on the front bumper and a cracked headlight caused by one big stone chip and...
  19. npuk

    Dealers ruined GTechniq Coating!

    My car was in at the main dealers today. It was only in for a firmware update so I wasnt expecting them to wash it, if they said they were going too I would have told them not too, but when I collected it I was told it had been washed. :mad: On Saturday gone it had been valeted and the valeter...
  20. S

    New W204 GTechniq protection detail

    Got my new Mercedes 2 weeks ago, and with time this Friday, it got a full GTechniq protection as follows, with a few added non GT products. Interior Leather cleaned using W2 mix 10:1 (Spot cleaning on dirt from PDI) Leather treated using L1 Seat Cloth treated using I1 Mats treated with I1...
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