1. MissyD

    gtg at Matching Green, Nr Harlow Sunday 2nd July 2017

    We are booked in at the Matching Green Classic and Sports Car Show on Sunday 2nd July 2017 at Matching Green, Nr Harlow, Essex CM17 OPZ, we have a parking area for approx 10 cars, fancy popping along, please add your names below, thanks 01 Richard Hinds 02 MissyD 03 Quick Silver 04...
  2. 190ian

    ESSEX GTG 8th july

    I am holding a gtg at runwell football club Wickford on 8th july from 11am. The club is having a open funday,cheap drink,BBQ,model airplane displays bouncy castles and more, pleanty of activities for the kids. I have 8 mercedes attending so far and some other cars( also welcome if you know any...
  3. T

    West Midlands GTG Sun 27th May The Sparrow CV 7 9JP

    Anyone going was in the Official Club Mag but no reference on any forums or facebooks that i can see sponsored by auto finesse looks a sizeable gathering starts 11:30 Am at the Sparrow CV7 9JP by M6 / M69 junction
  4. 0

    23 rd April Meets , GTG

    Anything going on tomorrow ? Weather looks good and fancy a day out in the car :)
  5. flango

    Derbyshire Breakfast GTG Sunday 22nd January 2016

    Another Breakfast meet in-conjunction with "The B.L.A.C.K. Car Club" Date: Sunday 22nd January 2017 Time: 09:00 Venue: The Highwayman Pub, Chesterfied, S42 7DA The Highwayman Eastmoor | Beefeater Grill Steak Restaurant Attending 1. Flango 2. BigUn +2 3. Dogbreath 4. Corned...
  6. merc85

    Small GTG Pre Facelift and Faclift s211 Cdi's :)

    Had a meet up with fellow member Herishi, after we had both detailed the Merc's. Herishi's is a 2006/7 e280 cdi v6, on the Left, and My 2003 (53) e320 cdi I6 on the right. Its was great to see both together and see what exactly the subtle changes were.;)
  7. L

    MB World GTG Sunday 3rd April

    What is the plan for next Sunday, what time are people planning to arrive? Looking forward to meeting folks who make it along to MB World next Sunday.
  8. d w124

    124 GTG 3rd April at Mercedes World

    As ^ 124 meet at Brooklands from 11am which is good as there's a meet from this club there too :thumb: Any 124 owners feel free to come along
  9. BlackC55

    PCS gtg and BENZ ON THE GREEN, May 14th 2016!

    Hi all, We are pleased to announce the date for the annual PCS meet and Benz On The Green. This year the event is on Saturday May 14th. As usual the day will start at PCS before moving on to The George Inn...
  10. sjmaxwell

    Bluewater GTG - 23rd January 2016

    There seems to be some appetite for a meet at Bluewater so how about the 23rd January, 8pm onwards? 1) SJMaxwell 2) 3) 4)
  11. S

    Curry Night GTG Aldershot

    Hi there. I am rather new to this Forum and it would appear there are quite a few of these Curry Night's around the country so I wondered if there would be any interest for one somewhere around Aldershot/Farnham area in November/December?
  12. Mike Walker

    Kent /Essex GTG - Curry Night

    Any update or is the plan dead in the water?? :fail
  13. Meldrew2

    Warrington Curry GTG

    Wednesday 21 October. "The Taste" 84-86 Mersey Street, Warrington WA1 2BP Chosen on the basis of location and good TripAdvisor reviews. TripAdvisor also states "Free off-street car parking." The Taste, Warrington - Restaurant Reviews, Phone Number & Photos - TripAdvisor Meet in the...
  14. flango

    Scottish Christmas GTG 2015 Drinks & Dinner

    A few of us thought it may be a good idea to have a Christmas GTG following our usual format: Drinks in the Pandora bar from 6:30pm Curry @ Yadgar from 7:30pm Coffee and cakes in Coffee Patisserie from 9:30pm Now all we have to do is decide the date so please vote in the Poll. Please vote for...
  15. C43AMG

    AMG-Private Lounge - Brooklands GTG ?

    Have any members registered for the above ?
  16. sjmaxwell

    Bluewater GTG - 3rd October 2015

    Any appetite for a meet at Bluewater on the 3rd October, 8pm onwards? :D 1) SJMaxwell 2) 3) 4)
  17. Giantvanman

    Essex/Kent/London area curry GTG Part2

    The poll on this thread gave results for Orsett (4), Benfleet (3), Cranham (1) and one for another unspecified venue. To start the ball rolling, I suggest we try for the first Curry meet at Orsett (A13 junction...
  18. Meldrew2

    North Weat Defectors GTG

    So. How about a GTG for Mercedes owners but with one rule If you are driving, it must NOT be a Mercedes Flango, I'm thinking of you... PS West, not Weat. Bloody fiddly iPhone keyboard
  19. sjmaxwell

    Bluewater GTG - 6th June 2015

    Who's up for a GTG at Bluewater on the 6th June, 8pm onwards? 1) SJMaxwell 2) 3)
  20. KillerHERTZ

    Cambridgeshire June GTG

    Getting on for a year since the last one, time for another :) Belfry Hotel Cambourne again? 1) KillerHERTZ (Karl) - CLS55 AMG
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