1. JustIgnore

    2004 Golf mk4 2.0 GTI

    Hi. Up for sale is my Golf 2.0 GTi as I am moving abroad to Germany. Mileage: 126000 MOT Till November 2017 I purchased the car back in February. It had new pads and discs front. I did an oil + filter change and fixed a faulty wheel bearing and leaking CV boot. Car drives really...
  2. Jim55

    Convince me not to get gti

    Iv a 2008 c 220 sport, it's a fine example but it's just not doing it for me ( the gearbox lag is the worst iv ever drove ) it's fine on the mway but that's it really I'm thinking of trading it in for a golf gti ( was gona remap the 220 but it'd still ave the lag which is monumental). It's...
  3. AnilS

    VW Golf GTi (DSG) - 2005 £6500

    VW GOLF GTi MK5 DSG (2005) One Previous Owner Registered 8th June 2005 Full Main dealer service history Standard unmodified car My wife has owned this vehicle over 5 years (bought in February 2010) and purchased from a pampering first owner. This is the longest she’s ever owned any car, as...
  4. Alps

    1992 Golf GTI Rivage

    bought this little thing to keep me busy over the summer. Had a few in the past , last one being 7 years ago. 1992 Limited edition Rivage - Green, 165K its been neglected, loads of owners who didnt have a clue by the looks of it , folder full of receipts for all the work done over the...
  5. HB

    Gti international.

    Anyone going to the Gti International show? If you do ,you will see my brother with his white Gti Ed30 on the REVO stand. Aren't they lucky with the weather !
  6. A

    Golf Gti Colour Concept, 1997

    Golf Gti 2.0L, 8V Colour concept, Red/Black, 1997 for sale. Manual gearbox, 96,763 Miles, only 3 owners from new including myself. This car has been with me since 2001 (I have the receipt of purchase from VW main dealer in 2001) and looked after very well but I shall be moving overseas so...

    Lupo GTI

    Not many about. I need a little runaround for town. Looking for one that has not been abused and in good overall condition. Was toying with the idea of an Abarth 500 but I love the little Lupo! Any ideas/pointers appreciated. Thanks as always.
  8. E

    VW Golf GTI 1.8T 49k with FSH

    Hi selling my golf. It's taxed and MOT'd to end of Feb, beautiful car to drive with the renowned VW 1.8T engine, be sad to see it go. Looking for around £3.5k or serious offers around that figure. Golf GTI Turbo 150 BHP, Black, 49K with FVWSH lots of receipts and old MOTs to verify mileage...
  9. C

    mk3 golf gti 8v

    hi guys im getting rid of the golf so my 230 can get her lazzy ass back on the road lol so 4dr gunmetal gray 147,500 miles tax up next month mot up this month GOOD BITS new cambelt and tensioner new powersteering pump and belt new altonator and belt plugs new imobalisor BAD BITS...
  10. K

    Newish Mercedes convert - C63 plus non Merc's

    Hay all - new to the forum so I thought I'd introduce myself. Car History: 1983 998cc Mini City (stage 2 tuned, loud n proud!) 1981 998cc mini City (for parts) 1986 Mk2 Golf 1.3 (lasted 2 days!) 1988 mk2 Golf GTi 8v (bought as a wreck,never made it onto the road) 1987 mk2 Golf GTi 8v...
  11. M

    golf gti write off

    Hi just wanted to get some advice on here my partner was involved in a 3 car shunt today. she was stationary behind a car and a range rover smashed into a car at a top of a hill dont think he even braked he pushed that car into my partner car. She couldent move as she had back and neck pains and...
  12. MOR8A

    2003 5dr VW Golf GTI 150PD (Diesel) for sale.

    Hi. I have my Golf up for sale. PM me if interested. Volkswagen : 2003 - 03 Golf GTI 150 PD 5 DR Diesel( PRICE REDUCED)
  13. KillerHERTZ

    Unregistered Mk1 Golf GTi chassis!

    Imaging owning a 59 reg Mk1 with zero on the clock! :bannana: HERE
  14. K

    Should I? - Volkswagen Golf Mk IV GTI 2.0

    Hello all, The wife is about to take her driving test and I'm looking for a smaller, cheaper and manual car for her to use for not much cash. A mate has offered me his 2001 Golf GTI (mark IV) 2.0 for £1,300. Its done 130,000 miles but he is a meticulous kind of guy who has kept a full...
  15. C

    mk2 golf gti wet flatting, compounding and such

    my dad fully restored his golf a while ago and had a full respray done. so hes just got round to wet flatting it back. and now my go cutting back cg diamond cut 2000, then some pb ssr2. started of with the dull flat surface then went over twice which was shiny but left lot of marks still. so...
  16. blondebier

    GTI Project

    Go on I dare you... GTI Project : Volkswagen UK Play the game. I've got sub 20s - how fast can you go? WARNING - very addictive... :crazy:
  17. gina2201

    1999 VW Golf GTI Heated Leather

    My mum is selling her Golf as she has just bought a Freelander to drive to Spain in for our holiday this year. On ebay, offers invited as she has already bought her new car. 1999 Mk4 Golf GTI
  18. ADY1983

    MK1 Golf GTI

    Just in case anyone here is interested :)
  19. ADY1983

    MK1 Golf GTI Campaign!!!

    Finally my MK1 Golf GTI I have actually had her for 2 years now, sadly I’m not going to get to enjoy it much, as she is up for sale :(
  20. E

    Golf GTI|66%3A2|65%3A7|240%3A1318&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14 In pretty good nick! Would make an ideal winter runabout or project!
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