1. anfieldassasin

    W124 economy guage and autobox

    Hi all just quick question out of curiosity. My 300ce economy gauage fluctuates with the E and S setting. So at idle in E the guage will go to the middle. In S it will go about a 1/4 from the black then when I accelerate and car is hot at the next traffic light when I stop, it will for a few...
  2. E

    Fuel Guage

    Fuel Guage on 2008 ML320cdi showing full any suggestions on a fix please. 164 engine
  3. M

    temperature guage fluctuating ,overheating problem w204 c200

    Hi, my mercedes is 2010 c200 cdi blue efficiency w204 model om651 engine. First of all a pipe from expansion tank to water pump came off with a boom lost some coolant but car working fine. Put the pipe back on and maintain the coolant level. After that there were sudden fluctuation in temp gauge...
  4. R

    W124 Temp guage

    The inside temperature gauge stopped working and I was advised that it was very involved to replace the sender unit and internal unit There was no indication at all on the gauge, however it now reads 58 deg intermittently and I believe I read somewhere that this was more simple to fix. Any...
  5. D

    W207 E220 CDi - getting up to temperature

    Hi my 2012 blue efficiency model with the 7 sp auto takes at least 6 miles (mostly B roads at 40mph, no traffic) in our current UK climate to get up to temperature, which is 90 degrees as indicated on the water/coolant temperature gauge on the dashboard. Should it take this long and is 90 the...
  6. tintinmt

    W124 engine coolant guage

    Hi, I have no reading on my engine (M104 300TE 24v) temperature gauge. If I short the cables to the coolant temperature sensor the fan cuts in. Does this indicate a failure of the gauge or the sensor? Any tips on diagnosis? Thanks.
  7. Wingco

    W209 CLK Outside temperature Guage reads high

    The outside temperature display on my W209 consistantly reads high when I'm stopped in traffic or when the car is just stopped and idling (read over 30 the other day!). This has been an ungoing problem as the only time the indication is reliable is when I'm doing steady road speeds. Have...
  8. chubbs111

    fuel guage

    hi guys im hoping someone can help please,i have a 1999 clk200 and yesterday the fuel guage started fluctuating,got in today and it was on half full then went to three quarters then came back down to half,i suspect the sender is under the rear seats but not sure how the seats come out
  9. B

    2011 W204 Exterior Temp Guage Showing Wrong Degress !!!

    Hiya All My Exterior Temp Guage is Massively incorrect, I have noticed it for a While but today was the Worse, My Local Area was 6oC yet My Screen was 13.5oC Please help with what the problem is
  10. M

    W124 Fuel Guage

    Hi Everyone, I need some wisdom for my fuel guage on my W124. Reading other posts have shown different faults to mine. The guage will happily read normal on start up but will often dart to full for a while or hover around three quarters when in actual fact (I think!) iithe guage should read a...
  11. L

    fuel guage plus cutting out.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Just bought an E300 TE and apparently the fuel guage will go up to full upon fill up and when it gets to half a tank it just stays on half? Also, every once in a while it will cut out when you off throttle, for example when approaching a...
  12. SilverSaloon

    W124 outside temperature guage intermittent fault

    hi on my silver W124 the outside temp guage sometimes reads a very low number (ie -7.0 degrees) and sometimes the display goes off completely for a few seconds. 70% of the time it displays the correct value. Is this likely to be the sensor starting to die (ie the part fixed to the front...
  13. S

    w211 e320 cdi fan and temp guage

    Few things ive noticed on my e320. Firstly, When you open the car door the fan kicks in for a few seconds and when you turn the car of and remove the key the fan kicks in again, is this normal? also what should the temp guage sit at? mine varies sometimes at 70-80-95 Thanks
  14. sanj517

    Fuel Economy Guage!!

    Hi, My Fuel Economy Guage on my W126 420SE has stopped functioning, does anybody know the problem/solution?? Rgds Sanj..
  15. U

    W210 E200K elegance external temp guage

    Hi, Have just bought a E200K w210 model on a y plate.All is good but have noticed that on the instrument cluster there are 2 faults... 1) The external temp guage to the left side of the dash is display at all 2)The gear position and clock guage to the right side of the dash is...
  16. Timster

    Why doesn't Temp Guage work?

    Why doesn't the tem guage on my S124 300TD work? Is it related to the thermostat or where else should I look? Thanks. Tim.
  17. npuk

    Free Bridgestone Tyre Gauge

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  18. J

    W124 E300 Diesel - Outside Temp Guage

    Finally found a good one of these and have had it for about 2 months. 250k miles and tight as a ducks ***. I had always noticed that the temperture gauge on the dash never displayed the temperture. Not a problem I though, will get around to it when I had some time. Noticed that is came on the...
  19. D

    W124 Fluctuating temp guage

    I have a fluctuating temp guage and have no idea whether this is a 'normal' w124 fault or if it has a simple solution. Any help would be much appreciated as the regular move to the red zone is becoming unnerving. To clarify there is no cooling problem with the car.
  20. L

    Clock and temp guage all muddled??????????

    I have a clk230 kompressor cabriolet and the display on the dash has a temp on the left and a clock on the right.Both displays seem to have various lights missing on the display and im wondering if anyone else has this problem and if it is expensive to put right.It seems strange both sides are...
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