1. AMGeed

    Guess the premium

    Female, aged 26, Provisional licence since July 16, passed driving test today. 2016 Vauxhall Viva SL 1.0l value £7k Fully Comprehensive, Mother as named driver, living in decent area outside Bournemouth, car parked outside house. She has been paying £52 per month since Sept with Hastings as a...
  2. CLSMark

    General rant ( can you guess the car)

    Earlier, I had to pull over on A3 soft shoulder ( is that a thing? ) due to the rear door on my lorry not being closed properly. So whack the hazards on, run round secure it, then back to the cab. I follow pulling on to the carriageway protocol, I speed up to 50 and indicate. The middle lane...
  3. Charles Morgan

    Guess my new car

    Right, as has been observed by sager members, my nature abhors a vacuum in my garage. The SM having gone, I just had to fill the space. First, anybody who follows me on Facebook is under pain of execution not to mention I have a new car there as I will be tortured painfully by my sisters as I...
  4. CLSMark

    Guess my MPG ( excitement lays ahead, read on!!)

    So, I live in Hampshire, and I'm originally from central Scotland Tonight I'm driving the 398 miles back home for a long weekend. Scenario is Cls 3.0 v6 DIESEL just me ( no kids or wife or their accoutrements) One bag (not the mother in law) Route is Basingstoke to Newbury A339 Onto A34...
  5. R

    Guess the cost time.

    My daughter has hired a car for the next 22 days. An Astra. On my advice she bought independent excess cover for £37.50...which covers her for car hire for 1 year. This means, for those who don't know, that the hire car company excess of £1000 will be taken care of if need be. Enterprise, of...
  6. developer

    Harassment And Social Media - Can You Guess?

    My mate "Dave" received some unpleasant messages via whatapp and text, all from one person, to the point where he asked for a home visit from the Police to discuss his options. The officer looked at said offending messages and advised Dave that he could go down the route of an harassment...
  7. AMGeed

    Care to guess?

    How much it would cost to add my 25yr old daughter to my wife's Focus policy? Daughter has just started lessons and would like, after a few more, to get some extra "tuition" and practice using the same car as her AA driving school, a manual Ford Focus. She has enquired how much extra it...
  8. ChrisEdu

    Bet you can't guess .....

    Bet you can't guess the brand of watch that I've just ordered, let alone the model! :D
  9. poormansporsche

    Spotted IMO worlds rareist AMG. Can you guess what it is yet ?

    In Plumstead of all places ! Clues: I did not know they existed til I googled it It was LHD It had middle east plates This particular one had sl65 wheels Its less than 15 years old The engine noise was very "distictive" which confirmed to me that it was genuine not just a badged up...
  10. MoAMG

    Guess whos back...

    Hello everyone! Guess who's back in a brand new AMG?
  11. D

    Guess the quote ..

    The S204 C220 CDi has full Mercedes history and as it's due a B service, so I looked at keeping it up. Just had a quote from main dealer for: Oil Oil filter Brake fluid Fuel filter Air filter. How much was I quoted?
  12. Charles Morgan

    Guess the new car time

    Obviously I have been slacking on the car buying front, principally because of my car restoration, but I took the plunge and bought one on the weekend, which I collect this Sunday (seller availability permitting). The make, model and model are required (so BMW 3 series coupe would be the...
  13. M

    Guess our new Courtesy Cars

    Arrived today, anyone guess what we went for? Clues: - Brand New Car & Model - Cheap to Run Photos tomorrow once they have been sign written....
  14. Charles Morgan

    Guess the new car - Twenty Question format in 18

    So just bought a new car. As once again no one has collected the bottle of wine from previous competitions, it will be the prize for this (conditions apply). Usual format of 20 questions reduced to 18 because it is obviously mineral and a car. I will answer either yes or no to a specific...
  15. poormansporsche

    Guess the swear word - more swear filter madness

    "**********e" ?????? :) P.S its not a swear word at all and mercedes related !
  16. Charles Morgan

    Guess the new car

    Usual format of twenty questions, reduced to 18 because of the redundancy of animal, vegetable, mineral, and because Gollom jumped the gun!. I shall give no clues other than those already given, that it is a New new car. The whole concept is based upon the use of taxonomic questioning to...
  17. Sp!ke

    Guess what this is?

  18. sjmaxwell

    Can you guess how much this part is?

    Now we all know how reassuringly expenses Mercedes are and how some parts can be pricey but would anyone like to hazard a guess to how much this is? Clue;- you need 24 of them!
  19. S

    Guess what ???

    Just a bit of fun, anyone guess what car I've got from the pic, thought this pic was cool
  20. Dream Works

    Guess what this is?

    Where am I and what is it. Answers pls
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