1. jc62b

    Reverse camera guidance lines

    Hey guys, 2014 c coupe, ntg4.5. Is there any way to add the coloured guidance lines to the camera screen using hidden menus? Mine at present just shows rear view & id really like the guidance lines if it is possible. Thanks in advance. Cheers.
  2. T

    Your opinion and guidance please. I'm a Newbie.

    Ive always wanted an E estate with the warp around walnut interior of the 2003-08 cars and maybe now is the right time for me. I do about 15k miles a years seeing clients and will spend 1 to 4 hours each way so I'm looking for comfort, a quiet riding, reliability and economy, and a few nice...
  3. dad4geer

    Disable map guidance instantly?

    So as most of you know I am new to Merc and still learning its different bits and bobs.. I normally use my iPhone as Sat Nav as recently it has improved so much that it gives you different routes with times by taking into account congestion etc. Yesterday though I decided to give my COMAND Navi...
  4. Ttstang

    Reversing guidance map!!

    Hi i have e250 sport 2009. This is the best way i can describe what my display, centre of speedo display, was showing on a one off occaision. I had just picked car up from having a service, in order to get out i had to reverse, thats when i noticed the display showing some guidance parameters...
  5. steve333

    Parking guidance inoperable

    As in title for the first time since new(25months) I had my first warning message on the w212's dash this morning,I never use the parking guidance anyway(have parktronic front/rear),wondered if anyone else has had the same message and if so what was the cause?(not sure if I should call mb mobilo...
  6. M

    Buying a W211 E500 - Guidance

    Hi, I'm a lapsed member, returning to MB after a 4 year last was a W124 but I'm now on the hunt for an E500 up to around £7k, which seems to be plenty for a saloon. I'm aware of a vario radiator issues with early models (the sort I'm looking at), but how do I check if the car...
  7. T

    A few issues at the same time! - any guidance??

    OK - have just had a few things happening all at the same time on my SL55 (03) 1)Visit Workshop showing on dash 2) Fuel Gauge fell to zero - (this may/may not be connected to the fact that I filled it up for the 1st time in my ownership!! - previously only run it on half a tank) 3) Boot wont...
  8. T

    Few Issues - any guidance please!

    OK - have just had a few things happening all at the same time on my SL55 (03) 1)Visit Workshop showing on dash 2) Fuel Gauge fell to zero - (this may/may not be connected to the fact that I filled it up for the 1st time in my ownership!! - previously only run it on half a tank) 3) Boot...
  9. J

    guidance please rear spring identification 2004 e320cdi sports suspension

    Hi, have just phoned Merc for replacement rear springs for my son's 2004 E320 CDI fitted with sports suspension. I am told there will be ether one blue blob and one green blob or one blue blob and 2 green blobs of paint. Be grateful for guidance on where to look for these "blobs of paint" on my...
  10. Silver CL55

    R230 350SL PSE guidance needed

    I've been trawling through all the previous posts but can't find a way forward with my issue, I've replaced the blown 20a fuse behind the drivers seat but still no central locking, please read timeline below; Central locking failed Checked 20a fuse behind drivers seat (fuse blown) Replaced...
  11. 320Alan

    w210 warning messages various problems guidance please

    ok this car has a few warning messages and I wouldnt mind a bit of advice in to where i should be looking to get them sorted please bear in mind all i have done is puick it up and park it at a mates house until i can get my scenic sold. the faults include - EPC - BAS - ESP - ABS (have read...
  12. WesLangdon


    Can we have a bit more guidance on when threads ought to be closed, the thread on "SirWiggo" has been ended and I have no issue with that as it had strayed well away from the starting topic. The reason given was that it had become "political" I would dispute that, at the time of closure the...
  13. J

    Feeling pleased but guidance needed

    Hi folks Part of my working life involves renting out holiday cottages and we have just gone live with a new search. Imagine your ideal cottage is in Devon with sea views, wifi, sky sports and a pub nearby. Type those words into the search and you will get a list of places that match, from...
  14. S

    Parking guidance

    I have the new c coupe and have noticed that when you parallel park the car attempts to guide you into the parking spot. Then suddenly beeps and says parking guidance cancelled. Can anyone shed some light on this feature? thanks
  15. loveday

    Help needed with advanced parking guidance

    Can someone let me know how to switch on the parktronic advanced parking guidance as when I slow down and reverse into a parking space my dial clocks do not look like anything in the attached picture.
  16. H

    Buying a W209 CLK55 AMG - need help!

    Hi Folks This is my first post as a new member so first things first - hi! Nice to be here... I've found a tidy looking 2004 W209 CLK55 AMG, full main dealer service history, 55K miles, all the toys. It looks like a great example but I'm going to be stretching my budget to buy and run it so...
  17. dokalj

    Rust Guidance?

    Hi all, What is the warranty covered by MB with regards to rust? How old can the car be to qualify? Does it have to have a full MB service history? Does anyone know how a car bought directly from Germany will qualify or the number of years to notify MB? Jdokal
  18. J

    About to buy first CLK - newbie - need guidance!!!

    Hi all - I am so excited! I have decided to upgrade my Ford Cougar 2.5 auto and get a CLK. I had thought about a Volvo C70 (coupe/convertible) but whilst the exterior was OK, the interior sucked. Cheap plastic, no thought for design and as you spend most of your time inside, I need to get...
  19. F

    Some Guidance Pls

    I have just recently upgraded the headlight bulbs on my W124, the only problem I have now is that I get the back headlamp on the car again. The problem I am having is that the ABS pump is bigger than usual due to the car having ASR and is postioned right behind the headlight leaving literally a...
  20. Godot

    A little advice & guidance, if you could please

    We are in the process,hopefully, of getting a second hand A180CDI Auto Elegance 3 door, on a 55 plate & with a genuine 5K on the clock (if some other b******d don't get there first! Your advice & recommendations is, whilst I am sure we would not be able to afford Alfie's very competitive...
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