1. AndyKO

    Looking for rough price guides

    Hi Guys, As it turns out this car is looking to be about as reliable as a Scud Missile! Therefore, I'm looking for some rough ideas as to costs for my '03 W211 E270 CDI. It seems to be showing ALL the symptoms of the 'Valeo' Gearbox killer! :crazy: This will determine if I keep the car or...
  2. kam05

    W204 diagnostic guides

    Stumbled across this link for us W204 owners: Mercedes C Class W204 DIY Guides
  3. J

    SIDE WINDOWS seal guides

    Not sure why MB in the 1970s used woven cloth on the outerchannels to the doors and rear panel of my W114 250 CE (coupe) . These are the bits that guide the window as it operates up and down and are on the quarter light and door as well as on the rear window frame. They have the water defeating...
  4. toffee-pie

    How to remove Command unit. DIY guides?

    Guys Has anyone tips on removing this, I need to dig out wires that were left over from the failed install of the video converter box. :wallbash::wallbash::wallbash::wallbash: Think its easy enough but want to know what I am letting myself into. cheers
  5. N

    W169 Brake Disc Guides

    Hey Guys, Just had my front 2 tyres changed on my 59 Plate A180 CDI AvantGarde, and the guy had said that my pads are needing changing. Has anyone got a link to a guide on how to do them yourself?? I used to do my Mk4 Golfs brakes, so not shy of a bit of hard work... Thanks in advance...
  6. s4rap

    Wheel fitting guides

    HI all, looking at buying some wheel fitting guide rods to make it easier to refit the summer alloys.Anyone else bought some and how many should I buy.Car is clk430 fitted with the amg alloys thanks.
  7. WLeg

    TOGAF 9.1 study guides

    does anyone have any they don't need anymore......from foundation upwards...?
  8. babyblueCE

    How to guides

    hello peeps. Does anyone know where i can find a how to guide in changing the drivebelt on my mercedes 300ce or on a M103 engine?
  9. S

    Valve guides and head

    Hi Please give me your opinion on whether the valve guides can be changed on a 1987 M103 while the head stays on. I have read some articles which seem to suggest that with a special valve spring compressor, you can remove the collets, then pull off the valve guides and pop on new ones - i guess...
  10. S

    Guides / How To Carry out work

    Hi All. If this is in the 'wrong' section on our forum,I do apologise, and please move it accordingly. To my point. On this forum in the How to Section, there are only 3 pages. and 64 threads. Which doesnt seem a lot. I was just wondering is there a section that I cannot see on this...
  11. T

    W126 500SEL Valve Guides / Stem Seal Replacement Queries

    Dear All, If I am going to have the heads off my engine, for the purpose of replacing the valve guides, etc. could I ask for opinion on the following please? 1. Are there any other works I should have done at the same time? 2. How much should I expect to pay? 3. Can anyone recommend somewhere...
  12. 3

    Buying guides

    Hi, not sure where to post this.... But... is there a guide on this site to buying an MB? I mean in general terms and also the specific?
  13. M

    GUIDE: W209/W203 | OEM Brake Upgrades

    MWSTEWART.CO.UK | C/CLK Sport/AMG Brake Retrofit
  14. M

    GUIDES: W209/W203 | Facelift Centre Console Upgrade | Aux in | Luxury Climate Control

    Facelift Centre Console: MWSTEWART.CO.UK | Facelift Centre console upgrade and Audio 20 Luxury Climate: MWSTEWART.CO.UK | Luxury Climate Control Retrofit AUX IN: MWSTEWART.CO.UK | iPod/AUX in for COMAND 2.0/APS and Audio 20/50 COMAND 2: MWSTEWART.CO.UK | COMAND 2.0 Retrofit
  15. M

    Anyone got accurate price guides??

    I'm thinking of changing my S210 E320 CDI Avantgarde estate and finding it hard to work out what to ask for private sale, its not an advert i'm not trying to sell it as yet but hopefully in the next few months i will First registered June 2001 It has covered just under 70,000 miles and is in...
  16. P

    Are Whatcar price guides reliable or is it a sale / demand issue..

    I am looking for a peugeot 106 for my son. Went to view one last night and it seemed ok.. The only problem is the price. It is a 1.6 xs, R reg ( 1997 ) and priced at £1,795... ( Insurance will be £1,500 ) !!! with 5 weeks mot left and 6 months tax. Now the sellers seem really nice and a bit...
  17. G

    Workshop guides W208 anybody plz

    Hi all, can anybody help me with a workshop manual for a clk w208.. i've been looking on e-bay but i'm not sure what to look for , some are listed as WIS and some are TIS,, and prices range form 99p to £49 some are 5cd's , others are 1 dvd... but i'd still rather d/l for free.... if...
  18. K

    Retrofit Comand Guides on Ebay

    Has anyone bought any of these guides and can give any feedback - good or bad ? You can get alot of info from this forum and the links below but I wonder whether there is anything more to these guides. :)
  19. Jukie

    Car price guides

    How accurate do the likes of Parkers & What Car tend to be? I checked out the "value" of my car in latest monthly edition of the What Car price guide on Saturday and after the mileage adjustment, the private value was approximately £13500. One of my best mates is in the trade back home in...
  20. inetd

    HOW-TO: Replacing Cam Oil Line Fittings (Oil Guides) on the 119 (5.0L) V8

    My how-to to replace oil guides or oil channels on a 119 motor (5.0L V8)
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