1. D

    C63 Black series at Guildford MB

    Picked my car up yesterday from some warranty work and spotted a nice white 62 plate C63 BS outside, 29700 miles up for 77k. The car itself doesn't have the track pack so no big wing but it looks very good condition from the outside - it definitely has the carbon pack as lots of visible carbon...
  2. D

    New (non AMG) coupe at Guildford MB

    Saw one in Guildford MB week or so back - the rear caught my eye, front looks the same as saloon obviously but it looked pretty good - obviously the C63 version will look the nuts but funny thing was after getting used to the saloon version I looked at the Coupe and thought, hmmm not sure if I...
  3. BTB 500

    M-B Guildford discount scheme

    Had an email today from Sandown Mercedes-Benz, the new name for Tony Purslow (M-B Guildford). Looks like they are continuing with TP's previous discount scheme for older M-Bs IIRC they had a discount scheme for cars aged 6-9 years too, so I guess that will still exist.
  4. BTB 500

    M-B Guildford, Hindhead, Basingstoke - free roof box (and cycle carrier etc.) loan

    Just had a flyer from the Tony Purslow group (M-B Guildford, M-B Hindhead, M-B Basingstoke) which may be of interest to some. If you buy roof bars for your M-B from them, you can borrow (free of charge, and as many times as you want): roof boxes luggage containers ski carriers snowboard...
  5. G

    Good indy in either Wandsworth/Wimbledon or Guildford areas?

    Hi, Newbie here but have been on a few times to check out some other info and older posts! Thanks for all the help so far! I was hoping to get some advice. I have a w204 2008 C220 CDI auto which I bought last year, and its saying a service B is due in 20 days! Oil, and the oil and Fuel...
  6. S

    New member from Guildford

    Hi everyone, I've been a long time lurker, but never really got involved with posting, as you can probably see from my registration date. Anyway, I used to be a W124 estate owner, until someone kindly decided to remodel the rear end, whilst I was waiting to turn right. After plenty of fun...
  7. Satch

    Small area repairs Guildford area

    Thanks to the efforts of someone I dare not name, now have an area of scored/scuffed on most sticky out point of nearside wheel arch, down to metal (aluminium fortunately) in one small patch.:wallbash: Suggestions anyone?
  8. Frankie

    Specialist near Guildford,Surrey?

    I would like someone to look over the car ,alert me to any problems and also continue with the servicing in the future. Is there anyone local I can take the car to?
  9. nick mercedes

    labourers guildford area

    Anyone know of anyone looking for a week or sos work around Guildford? Ideally need 2-3 men...
  10. jeremytaylor

    Tony Purslow Guildford

    I am pleased to report a good experience at TPs (not for the first time). My C320 started making a strange noise, that to my ear sounded like a sticking brake caliper or wheel bearing The warranty runs out next month, and so unannounced I turn up at TP and they agree to look at it. A couple...
  11. BenzedUP

    Mercedes dealer Tony purslow in Guildford...

    Just to warn everyone about them, they are the worst mercedes dealer ive ever been to, i bought my 2001 W210 E55 AMG after i bought the car i went to check it with them for any problems or anything, they found few minor problems which set me back 1200K all togther, replaced all 16 spark plugs...
  12. S

    Tony Purslow Guildford

    Had a great experience with them - they did the head gasket on my (now sold) R129 300SL I live in North London but travelled there on the strength of things I had read about them and was not disappointed. Price was the same as an independent and with a 2 year warranty; the service was top...
  13. BTB 500

    Had my MOT done at Tony Purslow, Guildford ...

    Letter through the post confirming when it was booked in for. Friendly greeting when I dropped it off. Phone call later to say all was fine, and the car was ready. When I picked it up last night the car was gleaming and spotless, inside and out (tyres dressed etc. too). Little metal box...
  14. Ady

    Tony Purslow Guildford

    Had the first service at Tony Purslow in Guildford last week and I was very relived at how good it all went. After hearing some of the stories of MB dealers I was not looking forward to the service but everything was OK. They even sorted out my door mirrors so they now fold reliably and...
  15. D

    Merc specialists nr Guildford

    anyone know of a good specialist near Guildford, our old (but very trusty) E280 L-reg, seems to be leaking water from the radiator.
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