1. B

    gum cards for sale / beatles liverpool

    hello i have for sale beatles chewing gum cards , numbers as follows They are in good condition , i have had them for about 14 yrs , i am in allerton part of liverpool make a good offer and they are yours they are up for sale elsewhere so can be removed at any time my...
  2. R

    Chewing gum art...

    ...what does the panel think? : BBC News - Chewing gum artist: Painting miniature masterpieces
  3. E

    F18 PASSENGER (chewing gum)

    Now i know what it feels like for my passenger's :D
  4. Carrotchomper

    Chewing gum+Alcantara seat= :-(

    Anyone have a clue how to remove it? Haven't got a clue how it got there but I have some chewing gum that has been sat on and worked its way into the alcantara fabric of my seats. Aside from this my car is pristine so I would love to resolve this!
  5. F

    Chewing gum removal from seat...

    :mad: - Some idiot who I had to give a lift to site and back has transfered some chewing gum on one the cloth passenger seats on my Sprinter. I have managed to get the best part of it of as wifey got a heated iron and applied it and it got most of it off. However, you can still feel the...
  6. Mambo

    Bloody Chewing Gum

    Does anyone know what the best way is to get chewing gum out of the MB mats? I have two nice dolops on one of the mats....
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