1. brucemillar

    Is that a gun in your pocket?

    Police Appeal As Gunman In Dress Robs Adult Shop Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  2. rsvgreg

    Can you recommend a Sun Gun?

    I was handed one of these a couple of weeks ago by a detailer with a small stand at the Bury St Edmunds 'Cars on the Green' show. I was impressed with the level of detail the gun revealed and, as my wife and kids keep going on at me to think about birthday present ideas (The AMG GTS is out...
  3. Stuttgartmetal

    6mm Rivet Gun Needed

    Anyone got a 6mm rivet gun I can borrow I can't find one reasonably priced anywhere A owner from mm is toooo steep. I'm in Caterham and Fulham
  4. Druk

    Who needs a gun?
  5. D

    any cheap device to measure average speed of car just like police speed gun

    is their device that measure the average speed of cars on the road. basically a DIY device to measure average speed of cars. which cheap to buy local resident committee or some how getting police to measure such speeds if it can be done any help/ideas appreciated as we have many people...
  6. ioweddie

    Have you seen or heard of the Rail Gun?

  7. Igurisu

    Aurora shooting: Colorado gun sales up after cinema killings

    BBC News - Aurora shooting: Colorado gun sales up after cinema killings Beggars belief, imagine what would/could have happened with 10 or 20 trigger happy people responding/retaliating to the lone gunman?
  8. Tan

    Camera Flash Gun

    Hi I am thinking of buying a flash gun, as I take a lots of photos indoors at parties and weddings etc. I have a Canon 400d SLR, what should I look for in choosing a flash gun? Thanks Tan
  9. The _Don

    Mercedes AMG 5.5 Saloon Project,gun boxes were fitted in the triple locked boot

    Stansfield Auto's : Mercedes AMG 5.5 Saloon Project
  10. designo500

    Machine Gun Locks

    Hi folks, This seems to be a common problem affecting differant models. A/B class and C class etc. My Wife has a 2006 B170, and the drivers door lock is doing the bouncing rat-tat-tat thing. The front pass door was done last year by Mercedes as a "good will" repair. It appears that good will...
  11. Nik_Endeavour

    Olympus DSLR Flash Gun

    I am after a decent flash gun for Olympus DSLRs. If anyone has anything lying about and would like the sell please let me know. I want to take photography in low light (like nighclubs) and the flash would be a great start but they seem soo expensive for a decent one.
  12. W

    Top Gun Refinishing, Oxfordshire

    Has anyone used this bodyshop? Need to get some quotes and these are within walking distance of my home.
  13. bones2008

    Machine gun sound from central locking

    When my car locks, I get a rapid machine gun sound. Has anybody got any ideas how I can fix it? BTW I'm very technical, so answers in simple language please!:doh:
  14. E CLASS

    The Chinese passes off Top Gun clip as military footage

    Video: CCTV passes off Top Gun clip as military footage - Shanghaiist Enjoy...!!
  15. R

    Pit Start anyone been - questions (anyone lend me a heat gun?)

    Hi all, Firstly if you haven't heard of it, it's a self service garage. Pit Start - Self Service Garage - 020 8827 1919 Some members have used it before: I'm planning on going there this Saturday to do some...
  16. The Boss

    Just Robbed at Gun point

    Just heard from my parents in Africa that they were robbed some 2 hours ago (in Africa, not here) Three gunmen were waiting outside the gates to our house and as they approached the house, the men came out of the grass verges and attacked.. All are ok, no physical harm, car was taken, but my...
  17. M

    Hot Gun to sort things out.... check this one out....
  18. janner

    New type of speed gun

    This one looks quite effective. :D
  19. Spinal

    What spray gun...

    I've decided to redo my panels on my bike myself - and they are coming out alot better than I expected! AND I'm using spray cans! So, I've decided to "splash out" and buy a spray gun for the compressor, do you have any recomendations? I was thinking gravity fed would waste less paint...
  20. KillerHERTZ

    Home made sentry gun :)

    Made out of a BB gun, amazing! Video:
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