1. L

    gunk in tank ????

    hi ive only had me 2001 e320 cdi,its got 132k on the clock with fsh,it drives lovely,but today ive noticed there is cream gunk in my header tank? its not using water & doesn't seem to be oil in the water. the only thing im scared of is if it mixing & nack me auto box? the car itself runs cold...
  2. ringway

    E350 CDI. Oil Gunk after exceeding service schedule.

    I wouldn't have expected this on such a new car. I wonder what the total mileage is? Maybe the schedule has been exceeded throughout the life of the car? W4BqDv6W280 Not as bad as the Camry. 91bWgLg5qdw&NR=1 There are many more gunk examples on YouTube.
  3. G

    What are these spots on the camshaft? Oil Gunk or Corrosion?

    Is this engine gunk, or is this actually metal that has corroded? I'll assume it's like this all along both shafts. Is this normal for car with 150,000 miles? or is it because it was poorly taken care of? I have to admit, that I did go for almost 9,000 miles without an oil change the last time...
  4. A

    Gunk de-greaser

    Hello Not used this stuff since I had minis and old bangers to try and smarten up...anyway Recently I had noticed that the hindge side on the opening doors on my wifes car was looking messy and mine was a little so thought I would give it a go... Trip to Halfords at lunch and just used...
  5. PeterE320Cdi

    Build up of gunk on the injectors

    Whilst having some work done on my E320 CDi the mechanic pointed out a nasty build up of gunk on the 2 injectors at the front of the engine. When cold the gunk was hard and glossy. When warmed up it was more like the consistency of bluetac and we were able to pick some out. Does anyone know what...
  6. T

    White/Yellow Gunk under Oil Filler Cap

    Morning all, I was looking at my engine just now and when I opened up the oil filler cap, I noticed that there was a small amount of pale coloured gunk under the filler cap - not a pretty sight! I always thought that this meant a blown head-gasket, allowing coolant into the oil and the...
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