Nail guns

    M thinking of buying a nail gun. My main uses would be attaching 14mm cladding and cedar shingles (I am told these need stainless nails and have always done this although happy to hear others thoughts) on a regular basis I achieve very tidy results with my old hammer but need to get quicker...
  2. brucemillar

    Stun Guns

    Woman fights off car thieves armed with Taser Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  3. R

    People with guns running round Belfast...

    ...wasn't the season finale of Line of Duty just first class?
  4. P

    Guns dont kill people, Americans do... Discuss

    140 school shootings in the 3 years since Sandyhook. Another one today... Thoughts .......
  5. D

    2 grease guns

    i have these 2 grease guns for sale both brand new boxed 1 Wesco 500cc Grease Gun 1 wesco single handed grease gun 2 high pressure flexible hose £8 each pick up from southeast london and i have wesco push grease gun for £4 each i have 3
  6. Godot

    Stupid People Own Guns Too

    RHdg3yeU2iY:crazy::eek: And how close has he got to stand to the targets?? He could have used the rifle as a baseball bat!
  7. Darrell

    Big guns

    Today I fired a shotgun for the first time, more about it later!
  8. Piff

    Guns - pest control

    I have a garden adjacent to open countryside. Although I have fenced with chainlink & chicken mesh, both buried in the ground by 3" - 6", we still have a problem with rabbits. They probably get in via the open drive or through a neighbours fence & then into our garden through an un-fenced...
  9. glojo

    Tasar stun guns

    A few years ago I suggested it might be a good idea to allow non firearms trained police officers to use this equipment. I recall considerable objections :devil: :) I also suggested the use of head cameras and who can remember our very own Police Liaison spokes person 'Timmy' voicing his...
  10. Satch

    'Slipping' speed guns may result in innocent drivers being fined

    Strictly embargoed until 09.00 12/9/05 Claims that a hand-held speed gun - used by Police and Camera Safety Partnerships across Devon and Cornwall - can give an inaccurate reading by 'slipping' are made by BBC South West's Inside Out programme tonight at 7.30pm on BBC ONE. The 'slipping'...
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