1. C

    The power of the "gunsight"

    Back in 1982/83, my daily driver was a W116 450SE ... and I loved it. The warm memory was one of the reasons why I came to buy my present A124 Cabriolet (as a prototype classic car) a few months ago. So much of the styling and detail (though not the power ... ) was still the same. I found...
  2. bpsorrel

    SLK with gunsight!

    :eek: Anyone ever seen this before (or since!) :D Good look or a no-no? :D
  3. culpano

    Is this daft ? Sportgrille + gunsight...

    I've seen a smart W203 sports front radiator grille with the big star in the middle of it. Is it daft to have this as well as the star emblem on the top ? :D I am awaiting a flood of abuse now... :o ......
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