1. A

    Another New Guy

    Hi all - I picked up my new-to-me 2011 E63 (M156) last weekend and I'm loving it so far. Bit of an upgrade to my old Mk2 TT :thumb: and it feels great owning one of the last big N/A engines about. I'm looking forward to taking part in the community and learning how I can best take care of the...
  2. MancMike

    What old car is this guy driving?

    Someone here will know for sure. Massive ridge down it's cheese grater bonnet, I've no idea what it is, but curiosity got the better of me... hdTAQtD1kVo?t=1m48s (at 1:48 if the timed link doesn't work)
  3. S

    I recommend this guy for w124 sunroofs

    Wrong group!
  4. Stratman

    Guy Martin and his RR Merlin

    Guy Martin fires up his Merlin and also describes the day he redlined it indoors :D
  5. developer

    I Think This Guy Needs A Van

    Or an E Class at least... I wonder how far he got :crazy:.
  6. CLSMark

    Anybody else hate this guy?

  7. J

    The New Guy looking for some good advise

    Hey All Thank you for accepting my application to the forum, I promise not to be to much of a nuisance I am in the market for a replacement car. So I thought before making any stupid mistakes I should find some people who have honest truthful opinions about one of the two brands of cars I...
  8. tomtoms

    Hello all

    Hi all, I once crashed a Mercedes into a dead horse at 70mph....5 years later I finally have another Merc. Not new to the car forum world but I'm new to the car I have so I will be poking about trying to find things out on what I'm wanting to do. I'm 26, got myself a 2011 e350 CDI...
  9. Priceless

    New Guy intro

    Hello All, Just a short intro post about myself, I have a W204 C220 CDi - great vehicle ! My hobbies include tinkering on older model cars, I have a MG-A and also a oldish motorcycle which I rebuilt and tour Europe with every now & then. I look forward to reading some great informative and...
  10. Palfrem

    This guy must be dreaming.

    £60K for a basket case that would need many tens of thousands spending on it (even if it is repairable) 1959 Mercedes-Benz SL 190 White Damaged Salvage Not Recorded | eBay Or this one, ready to go for a few thousand more? It even has a name! MERCEDES 190SL 1959 ROADSTER HARDTOP...
  11. french

    This guy knows "His" car

    Mercedes-Benz C Class 3.2 C32 AMG 4dr
  12. greggster

    Recommendations for a dent guy, Surrey/ SW London

    Anyone have a recommendation for a good dent guy? Last one I used wasn't bad, but also wasn't great - a lot of teeth sucking etc! Have a few dints on the CLK and my wife's car, so probably a few hours work. Cheers,
  13. Red C220

    Speed with Guy Martin: F1 Special

    Best bit of TV I've seen in ages. David Coulthard and Guy Martin really seemed to get on.
  14. C

    New guy seeking help.

    Hi Guys. Iv only just joined this site, and would appreciate your help, so here goes. I have a 2011 E Class Coupe E220. I have had it just coming up to a year, and this is my first Mercedes (and I love it). But a problem is just starting but it is not constant. The car has done just over...
  15. triple h

    no car tax, guy trashes own car
  16. S

    The latest new guy

    Hi all, im martyn from gloucestershire, just picked up this bad boy, c250td sport auto, fsh, couple of little marks on it here and there but not bad for its age, on 137k and pulls nice!:thumb:
  17. Bellow

    What a guy.

    BBC iPlayer - Scotland's Einstein: James Clerk Maxwell - The Man Who Changed the World
  18. M

    Hi! New guy who needs some advice

    Firstly hello all! I have been a member here for a while but never actually used a forum before & this is my first post. Unfortunately it's not a positive one & I'd love to get your opinion on this... Apologies as it's a long story but I'll try to keep it brief. I took delivery of my brand...
  19. MancMike

    Guy Keys C63 in Knightsbridge

    Here's another one. Pensioner infuriated by Middle Eastern supercars in London keyed a Mercedes | Daily Mail Online This one's all wrapped up, caught, charged.
  20. H

    Openshaw Manchester paint guy

    I Does anyone know the name of the paint guy in Openshaw who does a lot of the owners club cars?
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