1. C

    Howdy guys

    hey folks Sid here got my fist Mercedes she aint new and has many miles under her but hey she's mine:D probably gonna ask some dumb questions bare with me
  2. S

    hi all

    hi new on here and new to Mercedes im slowly finding my way around but im sure I will be asking some silly questions in the near future so bear with me. cheers stuart :thumb:
  3. CLSMark

    Did the CEO of MB sleep with this guys wife or something? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. AndyKO

    Hey You Guys!

    Hi all, Just a newbie saying hello! I've got an '03 E270 CDI, lovely car but just encountered a slight issue! :doh: I've put a post in general discussion, not sure if it's the right place? Cheers peeps.. Andy :thumb:
  5. reflexboy

    Chemical Guys 'Black'

    Has anyone used this? I need to know it's the dogs danglies before I part with £70:
  6. S

    What do u guys think?

    I just found my dream car... Search for yours via Auto Trader #DrivenByMe Mercedes-Benz C Class 6.2 C63 AMG EDITION 125 2d AUTO 457 BHP
  7. S

    C63 - What do you guys think

    Looking for a in-between car for a shortwhile.... What do you guys think? 2010 MERCEDES C63 AMG AUTO BLACK | eBay
  8. R

    Where are the old Bluewater guys

    Not meaning to thread on toes here, but I see another Bluewater meet being raised here, do have a great evening there guys. It just lead my to thinking where the old guard of the old Bluewater meets are these days, Rashman, Alps, Alx, Lopes 80, Simon M, Mika, Simon 1966, C240sport, Marty365...
  9. B

    Hey Guys - Potential New MB Owner

    Hello All Looks like I may have answered some of my questions already before even saying Hello! Whoops! Looking to get my first MB within my budget and really like the CLK 280 Sport. Having read forums it looks like this has the m272 which is within the range of having a pretty costly...
  10. S

    What do you guys think of this S Black Series replica ...
  11. B

    Hi guys

    I'm new to the forum. Username - Blackprinceinc
  12. 5

    A few photos I took for you guys - for fans of the older and rarer MBs

    Went to my friends place the other night. Self confessed MB nut. All of these cars bar the 91 500E are his. He has another Bornite 94 E500 on the way... Beautiful 500E from the US E500 Limited with an 8 piston brake kit and retrimmed interior...
  13. B

    You guys let Americans in here?!

    Hey everyone :D. Name is Nate and I'm from North Carolina. I'm on my first Benz, a 92 300te that I've had about a year. It's in incredible shape, has a great service history, and I got a great deal on it. I'm hoping to learn quite a bit here, and hopefully get some new contacts for cool parts. I...
  14. thebig1

    Any IT guys good with ports / email etc??

    Hi Guys, I have added a DVR and cameras to my house but for the life of me, can not get the email alerts to work. I just get "Unable to connect to server" when I hit the test button. I have added the SMPT: PORT:587 NEED SSL: Off USER NAME: ( Email address...
  15. Maurauth

    What do you guys think? - Trying to decide what else to do / Build Thread

    Hi all, I know SLKs in general, and most likely especially the look I've gone with with mine aren't everyone's cup of tea. That's fair enough, everyone's entitled to their opinion. But, what does everyone think? My thoughts for next steps are: "Duck-tail" spoiler off the SLK55 AMG Add...
  16. Maurauth

    My new wheel setup - what do you guys think? :)

    I know the R172 isn't very popular on here, and I know some (a lot haha) of you guys are going to hate this setup, but I'm sure some of you will appreciate how different it is to the usual R172 look. Tempted to go lower, with a bit more camber angle but don't want to ruin the handling as...
  17. S

    Hi guys newbie here!

    Mike here , I live in Colchester , Essex and my toy is a w203 c240 2.6 V6 tiptronic 84000 k called Goldylocks :))). Happy to be here.
  18. jhosk1981

    Hi guys... My first Mercedes

    Hello everyone.. Just wanted to say hey, I will post some. Pics up next week when I pick my new motor up.. Ive picked up a 2008 CLK320 in black... 18 inch amg alloys, black leather, command Nav... That's it I think lol. Used to BMW as had a 530 Msport for a while, so interested to see...
  19. mathoo19

    E Class Coupe (c207) Advice (or Bmw 330 Coupe?)What do you guys think?

    Hi all, After several years of driving VAG cars I bought my first old Mercedes-Benz C Class Coupe (w203) and I like it. I like it so much that I am thinking about buying another MB. I am looking to spend around 20k and like the look of c207 E coupe sport. But I read a few stories and I'm...
  20. M

    W211 Sbc codes, help?? information please guys

    Pulling off the drive today and up popped the STOP! sign in Red, reduced braking and engine power, clearly the brakes are in emergency mode. Mate read the codes, C22B4 Hydraulic Fault: A7/3Y8 (RIGHT FRONT INLET Control valve) C2534 Hydraulic Fault A7/3Y2 (RIGHT FRONT SEPARATING VALVE) BOSCH...
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