1. Godot

    Air battery to let electric cars outlast gas guzzlers

    Air battery to let electric cars outlast gas guzzlers - tech - 06 January 2012 - New Scientist :dk:
  2. H

    Supertax On Gas Guzzlers

    Alistair Darling planning a purchase tax on most polluting vehicles. Chancellor Alistair Darling is planning to introduce a "purchase tax" of up to £2,000 on the most polluting vehicles, it has been claimed. The idea is set out in a leaked Treasury paper ahead of Mr Darling's forthcoming...
  3. mobeyone

    fuel guzzlers

    whats the most thirsty engine by MB? My c320 has returned upto 45mpg but on average anything upto 25mpg and i do mostly town mileage and yes, i am heavy footed - like to listen to the engine every now and then! so whats worst the petrol addict?
  4. Dieter

    More road tax for 'gas guzzlers'

    "Gas-guzzling vehicles should pay an additional £150 in road tax because of the extra damage they do to the environment, the Government’s energy efficiency watchdog said. This week the Energy Saving Trust will recommend a new road tax band for the least-efficient vehicles. Most 4x4s and many...
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