1. Flyinspanner

    H6w BAX9s error free Cree LEDs

    Hi Does anyone have a link for a supplier of canbus error free H6w LED/Cree lamps. Bought a set of "Canbus Error Free" items which were nice and bright, but promptly threw a code, :fail. so returned them. Don't want 8000k 'blue' lamps, just a bright white 4k? Thanks
  2. pstock

    Error message ! sometimes ??

    Have fitted a couple of H6W no error LED side light lamps, Fitted and all is great good HID style light when the lights were turned on manually, but when the lights came on automatically I have 2 error messages (left and right sidelight malfunction) any ideas why ? :wallbash: If this cant...
  3. lordlee

    Free H6W LED bulbs

    Due to an incorrect order I have x2 LED 5w bulbs of H6W fitment available for free. TBH i'd rather just give these to someone so if you're near Reading and you can pick them up they're yours.
  4. Howard

    Phillips BlueVision H6W - cheap

    Just a quick heads up , the cheapest i have seen the Phillips Blue Vision H6W bulbs for previously anywhere is £12.00 plus P+P .. This seller is doing them for £7 delivered. :bannana: Not that applicable to many , because the H6W is a stange fitment , the CLK 208 uses them , i don't know...
  5. 1

    LED H6W sidelights activating bulb failure warning ? ? ?

    Hi guys, I'm fed up with the yellow tint sidelights on my 2002 W208 CLK and want to replace them with bulbs that give off a pure white light. I've tried Philips Blue Vision and didnt rate them at all and am now considering some white LED bulbs...
  6. chrisbala

    H6W LED light flickering

    My sidelights are flickering now - they are LED H6W ones, does that mean I need to change them or is there a loose connection - both are flickering cheers
  7. C

    Halogen H6W sidelight bulbs

    Having gone though 3 sidelight bulbs in the past 2 months, the Halogen H6W, got 4 more for stock whilst down the stealers, 3 quid odd each, plus a sidelight bulb holder, mine was brittle and breaking up, 12 quid for the holder :crazy: . I have not tried as yet, but can these be obtained the...
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