1. S

    Ebay and Email Hacked

    My uber account was somehow hacked a couple of weeks ago resulting in me deleting the app and no longer using uber. Not sure how this happened as I don't use uber on pc Yesterday, I had to change my password in order to log into ebay and saw messages stating "unauthorised use of my account"...
  2. BTB 500

    Amazon account hacked

    Woke up to a series of emails this morning confirming that my Amazon account had been hacked and used to place an order at around 3AM. The perp had tried to get the vendor to deliver to a different address, which they refused to do. Then changed the email address on the account. Amazon detected...
  3. Ted

    Now BMW get hacked.

  4. uumode

    Risk of Mercedes being hacked? Or scaremongering?

    Keyless entry and connected / online vehicles apparently at risk according to this article Hackers Force Carmakers to Boost Security for Driverless Era - Bloomberg Business
  5. Dave Richardson

    Forum Dirtywarez Hacked or down

    Ok for those not in the know this isn't a porn site but a file sharing one. Are there any other members on here that download movies, music or applications from this site ? If so is the site still working for you or has it been hacked with an advertising site when you open ? dave
  6. compress ignite

    "Peach Parts" "Hacked"

    Any body know these ****ers? No matter what you do you get this:
  7. ringway

    My email account has been hacked. How do I solve the problem?

    I've recieved many spam emails from email contacts over the years, but now I'm the one sending out the "Buy Viagra" and "Stop Smoking" emails to people on my email list. Any ideas how I can get rid of this problem, please? TIA. Paul.
  8. R

    Gmail account hacked...

    ...as some of you may know, my Google mail account was hacked today, meaning that a strange email with a potentially malicious link was sent to anybody on my mailing list. My question is, how can this happen? And how I can I prevent it happening again, given that I have AVG protection?
  9. J

    Mercedes Star C3 Hacked?

    If they can do it for VAG-TACHO (Coding/Mileage) and also VAG-COM (Diagnostics), meaning you can change the mileage and recode the IMMO2 on cars like the A4, Golf, Passat, Octavia, Leon etc.. for £40! These were Can-Bus applications as I remember my rear door locking module was giving an...
  10. D

    Itunes hacked

    Looks like my Itunes account has been hacked. About £80 worth of movies been purchased over the last few days. A fairly unhappy me. I've changed the password, and de-authorised all the pc's, and also sent an email to Apple. Not sure what else I can do, other than rely on Apples' goodwill...
  11. M

    website HackEd by mayo

    One of my websites has been hacked and I wondered if anyone here had heard of the clown that is claiming responsibility and if anyone can offer help as to how I unhack it? thanks www.bamfordrs.ca returns an under construction mesage grrrr:crazy:
  12. The Dent Guy

    Microsoft confirm Hotmail accounts hacked

    As the title says..... and mine is one of them - my account starts with a 'P' so the 10000+ accounts starting A or B which had their user and passwords published on line is only the tip of the iceberg!! BBC NEWS | Technology | Thousands of Hotmail users hacked
  13. Aletank

    Hotmail Account Hacked ?

    I keep getting delivery failure reports and a couple of people have said to me, whats this email you keep sending ? I've just checked my sent items and I've sent loads of this email without me knowing ! I'll put the email contents below. How can i stop this ? Thanks :confused:
  14. BTB 500

    Hacked email account - "www.niyacn.com" email

    There's something going around which hacks into web email accounts (typically Yahoo and Hotmail), sends out the following email to all contacts ... after which it deletes all contacts. I received a couple of copies from people I know yesterday, and then one from Mrs BTB today :( The...
  15. 5

    Hotmail Account Hacked (Help!)

    Hey Guys, My hotmail account that I even use for this site has been hacked into yesterday. I have no idea how they have done it, as I have both a secure password and an impossible secret question. I am also behind a firewall at home and have sufficient anti-virus software Anyone know how...
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