1. Z

    Ebay beware of hacking

    I had nothing to do all afternoon so gave Ebay Motors a bashing how would you like a 2015 Disco decent mileage for £12,000,the motor traders web site has been taken over as have at least 4others of course you have to pay a deposit within two hours.
  2. Cymruambyth

    Hacking gadget.

    Just saw this on another forum. Unbelievable how these can be openly for sale. On Amazon, a hacking gadget that is a car thief?s dream | Daily Mail Online
  3. developer


    Just curious really (honest). The Talk Talk hack was by a 15 year old. Gary McKinnin, the Aspergers guy, hacked into the US military computers. Guardians Of Peace did it to Sony. Yet if I mess up my banking online password a few times, I'm out. If I miss type my password on here, I'm out...
  4. M

    Blaupunkt usb lead hacking advice

    I've bought a blaupunkt bluetooth adapter with a usb aux in to fit to the travel pilot in my W124 and the usb can handle audio from a usb stick etc, but not from an ipod (as expected). I'm thinking of splicing the af +, af - and af gnd wires from the iso plug and soldering in a 3.5mm jack lead...
  5. F

    My Grand Hacking Scheme

    In reply to mark.t 's windup, i'm creating a poll on my signature displayed below. Should i get rid of my signature or shall i keep it ? You decide ...
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