1. G

    C250 pdf 2010 haircut

    Iv give my 2010 merc c250 60k miles less and its went into limp mode. Engine management light is on and says pdf blocked which it isn't as iv cleaned it out. Any way around getting it out of limp mode or just dpf removal ???
  2. S

    A new sort of haircut

    Car dealer made over £100k from wiping millions of miles off clocks | Mail Online Fancy that eh?
  3. Palfrem

    Greek bail out & haircut for banks

    Ok, The banks have just had to write off 50% of the debt they hold for the bone idle, workshy, tax dodging Greeks. How come their shares have rocketed today then please, anyone?
  4. grober

    Alan McNish gets a haircut

    If anything deserves the Wallace and Grommet expression "a close shave" this slo-mo of a racing incident involving Allan McNish and Stephane Ortelli at Monza does.
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