1. R

    Half Term Car Treat Quiz!

    I've be driving the kids around the country this half term and happened upon a very nice dealership and a nice man called Olly who explained his stock. Grav888 isnt allowed to answer coz he'll be able to work it out but look at the stock Q1 Name the cars and model shown. Q2 Name the dealer...
  2. anarchy-inc

    temp display half dead

    For the last few weeks my temp display has been randomly failing to display a few segments of each number. It seems to be showing the temp just not the complete number, so now I have a new game in trying to guess the numbers! The brightness of the remaining segments are fine and respond to the...
  3. 230K

    Halfords Fully Synthetic Half Price (again)

    Hi all Just in case anyone is looking for some Halfords have reduced their fully synthetic oil to about £15 for 5 litres. Not bad me thinks. 230K
  4. uumode

    Xbox Outrun 2 - half price (today only)

    If a. any one has an Xbox, b. is a driving fan, c. is wanting the newly released Outrun 2 d. for HALF PRICE.. here it is, *for today only* http://www.game.net
  5. guydewdney

    Fan module half working... W140

    The fan system on the w140 is a three stage stystem iirc. stage 1 - at (say) 90 degrees - fan 1 on half power. stage 2 at (say) 92 degrees fan 2 cuts in on half power Stage 3 at (say)95 degrees both are on full tilt. Water level correct. Anti freeze correct. New ECT sensor installed...
  6. KLP 92

    Exhaust noise. Sounds like a half backfire???

    My 500sl 1982 model has come back from a full service inc spark leads, distributor cap and rotor arm replacement. I 've had a Longlife exhaust fitted 8 months ago and now i've seem to have a problem. When i start the car i get a slight popping noise from my rear box. Sounds like a half...
  7. M

    Eurotunnel Half Price Offer

    Just in case anyone is interested:- Go to www.eurotunnel.com, click on Daily Telegraph offer & type in this code DTEXHP if you would like to take your MB to France for half price on any availiable days left (return by midnight) up to Oct 12th. for £24.50 inc all passengers. Book by Friday 13...
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