1. Happytalk73

    Happy Halloween.

    Happy Halloween to everyone for tomorrow. :thumb: I know it's an over the top Amercian thing but we join in for the kids in our village. Last year we gave over 80 bags of sweets out to all the little ones who knocked on. I've been trying to persuade Mrs Ant to let me buy a coffin for the...
  2. developer

    Halloween - Trick or Treat?

    My wife made this - she also made some paper ghosts with 50p inside each one and opened a large tin of Quality Street to offer. The lit candle obviously draws the trick or treaters and accordingly the doorbell has been ringing. She does it because it's "for the children". The last two...
  3. KillerHERTZ

    The Best Halloween Costume Ever

  4. LTD

    Hallowe'en costumes for our users

    I'll start. renault12ts
  5. Godot

    Planning a Halloween Party ?

    This chap is....how to do up your house...amazing :bannana: 0OTqutD9Vh0
  6. R

    Happy Halloween

    Happy halloween folks. http://ak.imgag.com/imgag/product/preview/flash/bws8Shell.swf?ihost=http://ak.imgag.com/imgag&brandldrPath=/product/full/el/&cardNum=/product/full/ap/3125133/graphic1
  7. trapperjohn


    So at this grumpy homestead here. Senior "grump" will make sure the gates are shut, lights are out and curtains are drawn. But a little light entertainment for you...
  8. d w124

    Get your S124s ready for Halloween

  9. A

    Halloween special: C43 AMG vs Nissan 200sx (Stage 1)

    Another one of my mindless racing threads! On our way back into London, we merged into the motorway and to my delight we spotted a beautiful C43 AMG, which prompted me to nudge my mate: "this will give you a run for your money", and by God it did! There was a (weirdly placed) traffic light...
  10. BTB 500


    Anybody else suffer from pint-sized vandals attacking their vehicles last night? We're not particularly into Halloween, and weren't really aware of the date. Got the OH's parents staying, so not impressed by persistent ringing of the doorbell at about 8:30. Large group of small children on...
  11. anarchy-inc

    Happy Halloween

    A day early I know but I won't around much tommorow.
  12. R

    happy halloween

    Happy halloween :bannana:
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