1. jimmyca69

    Halogens or Xenons

    Perhaps silly question but what headlights does my 54 plate E55 W211 AMG have.... Is it a simple answer or do I have to go outside and check :D
  2. D

    fitting halogens to a xenon car

    ive got a c class coupe (cl203) and had xenons factory fitted but ive had a smash in the car and the lights are knackered, to as a temporary measure im considering fittin halogens until i find a reasonable 2nd hand pair to buy. my main question is will they fit straight on?
  3. M

    FS: W203 2005 Clear Halogens - UK, SG, HK, AU, NZ spec (RHD)

    After someone cancelled I have too many sets of W203 Sedan 2005 clear halogen headlights. Can be bought with or without clear fogs or clear blinkers. New in box - FOR SALE - 2005 W203 sedan CLEAR HALOGEN headlamps (1 set) - Clear fog lamps (many sets) - Clear blinker inserts (many...
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