1. M

    Hampton Court Flower Show

    One for our southern members. I am off to the above tomorrow and typically come in via Esher on the A307. Some years that route is fine but others it's over an hours crawl. So my question is "Would I be better using the A3 to Richmond park and then approaching HC from the east via the a308?"...
  2. Howard

    Nice bit of MB parking in Bridge Road , Hampton Court today ....

    Don't ask me how it happened ..... :crazy:
  3. S

    J.P Garage, Hampton Court

    Anyone used these guys? J.P Garage, Hampton Court Rd, Hampton Court, East Molesey, KT8 9BY 020 8977 8234 Drove past them this afternoon.
  4. T

    Griffin autosales - Hampton Hill - Servicing?

    Hello, I haven't the time to visit Steve in Maidstone this year, and the car doesn't need anything other than a regular service. Has anyone had a service at this independent specialist? I am slightly suprised that the Search didn't have any results, since we have a lot of members in SW...
  5. T

    J P Garage near Hampton Court, London??

    This place is ridiculously close to my house, and specialises in German cars. There are often some nice W126 and W123 models outside, as well as other future German classics. They also re-charge air con from £45. Anyone used them? http://www.jpgarage.co.uk/
  6. Stratman

    Anyone know about JP Garage in Hampton Court?

    I can't recall if it's JP Garage or JP Motors, but they're by Hampton Court Palace. They are German car specialists. Does anyone have anything, good or bad, to say about them?
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