1. D

    W210 Handbrake Ears - collapsed in brake drum !!!

    Bit of an odd and rare issues Looks like my right rear hand brake has completely collapsed in the drum and ripped the handbrake ears into bits. I heard it all get crushed up when I was diriving. Lucky this wheel didn't get jammed and cause more problems. I've taken the disc off and removed...
  2. Frankie

    W210 handbrake

    I had to remove the headlight control and which meant removing the handbrake release lever. After putting it back together the release lever stays out after I release the handbrake. I can push it back in and it works fine but what have I done wrong?
  3. D

    Vito W638 Handbrake adjustment

    Hello, I have to yoik the handbrake right up to the top to get it to work - if it's one click below it rolls. MoTs due in a month... from what I've read if it's going right to the top like mine I need to adjust the cable as opposed to the wheel cogs. Is that right? I have a new cable that could...
  4. T

    Vito (W639 ) handbrake / footpedal -long travel

    W639 handbrake pedal travel The footpedal in my Vito ( W639 2007) goes a long way down before it "goes tight " considerably more than in my mercedes saloon cars . I have today adjusted the wheel cogs inside the brake drum to bind then just backed off a couple of single cogs to free rotation ...
  5. J

    Handbrake MOT fail ?

    Rarely use the handbrake and noticed it works but itsnt that great, but its failed the MOT, car is a 2008 CLS 500, what is the usual cause and remedy for sticky handbrakes on these ?
  6. F

    W246 handbrake fault

    Hi does anybody know what could be wrong with the electronic parking brake on a 2012 mercedes b class. It's come up with a warning saying parking brake is malfunctioning. The yellow and red parking lights are lit. I've jacked the rear up and the handbrake is only working at one side. No power...
  7. S

    w211 Parking brake (handbrake) auto-adjuster

    Evening all, The parking brake shoes expanders on my 2008 E class were seizing up so I've stripped and cleaned everything and replaced discs, pads and shoes at the same time. Straight afterwards my parking brake pedal travel was really long so I had a look at WIS and tried to follow the...
  8. M

    Offside Handbrake Cable Guide Bracket

    The MOT that came with my new (to me) W219 CLS had an advisory saying this was missing. Dealership weren't much help when I called to ask. Anyone know what this is, where it should be and how much it will cost to stick back on? The thread title BTW is the way its described in the advisory...
  9. M

    Mot Failure W211 - Handbrake Insufficient

    Hey chaps. My e280 cdi 2007 failed its mot due to the parking brake not working sufficiently. I do have to press the pedal down far for it to grip properly but it does work if pressed hard enough. Do i just need to adjust it or does it sound like shoes or pads are needed. I have never dealt...
  10. A

    Help how to remove handbrake cable from subframe

    Hello. I have successfully removed the rear subframe from my CLK 430...and all went well . I have fabricated a wooden platform with wheels to be able to move the subframe around the garage and out for blasting. The only issue I have is the handbrake cable is attached to the subframe via a...
  11. D

    W123 handbrake expander seized

    As the title says, and ideas on how to get it out to unseize it? It says in the Haynes manual that there is a clip but I can't see it for the life of me. The hub is in the way of a detailed examination. I could removed the cables but the bolts (bloody Allen key type...why) look rather...
  12. T

    Footbrake and Handbrake Question on my 190E 2.0 Auto

    Good morning! So I have just purchased my first car - a lovely 1992 190E 2.0 auto I have saved for for two whole years and at the ripe age of 23 I am still getting used to everything, and have a couple of questions to ask (they might sound basic but I just want to be sure I won't damage the...
  13. J

    350SL Handbrake Adjustment

    Hi I have a R107 350SL with a handbrake. I seem to be getting conflicting advice on how to adjust the handbrake. Can any 350 owners help? Thank you
  14. Lenny63

    w208 handbrake adjustment

    Hi Am I right in thinking that the adjustment is rear wheels and mechanism under rear seat is untouched ?
  15. B

    changing w163 handbrake shoes

    Hi Had my ml 270 in for test today and among another few bits it needs new handbrake shoes fitted. Any guidance on how to change them would be great. thanks in advance
  16. C

    R230 SL55 Handbrake adjustment?

    I have a 2003 R230 SL55 and for some time I get a slight rattle from the rear when going very slowly over light bumps. I have been trying to find what it is for ages and have now found it, but unsure how to fix? It seems to be coming from the handbrake cables that go into the rear hubs (both...
  17. OneForTheRoad

    w211 handbrake release

    morning men , can someone help me on the lubricating points on a 2004 w211 e class , my handbrake pedal isn't popping up and needs a helping foot to pull it up :dk:
  18. S

    handbrake release

    I have a c200 Komp 52 plate. The handbrake release i have to pull 5-10 times for it to work. is this normal at this age? 92k mileage. is it an expensive repair?
  19. C

    W203 C200 2005 handbrake shoes.

    Hi, I have purchased shoes from ECP, new shoes arrived without brake adjusters on them. Does anyone know which shoes will fit?? The ones that I ordered are 103220028.
  20. A

    CLK 270cdi handbrake pedal not returning.

    Hello there fellow memebers. I have a 55 plate 270 clk cdi & the handbrake pedal does not return properly when i release the handbrake lever thus making the warning buzzer come on, i can lift the handbrake pedal with my foot & it stops the warning buzzer. I was wondering if there was a return...
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