1. G

    My genius handheld by dimsport

    Used once Used to load and unload and store the map on you mercedes Cost nearly 200.00 new Looking for 100.00 plus shippibg
  2. A

    MyGenius Handheld

    Hi Guys, I recently sold my car but still have the MyGenius with all parts and box which is locked to the car. Eurocharged will unlock this for a fee, if anybody is interested and wants to make me an offer feel free. It is sitting doing nothing in a cupboard for me. Cheers Craig
  3. A

    MyGenius Handheld

    Hi Guys, No longer have my handheld as my car unfortunately had to make way for new property earlier in the year. However, I still have the hand held which I applied the Eurocharged map with. Is this of any use to anybody or is it only relevant to my old car? Cheers Craig
  4. R

    Handheld for E63? Recommended Re-map.

    Just traded my C63 in for an E63 S. I had a Eurocharged handheld and re-map for the C63 which transformed the car. It was also useful for when the car went to the dealer and I could return it to standard. Is there such a thing for the E63 and if not can anyone recommend a re-map? Cheers.
  5. C

    Eurocharged handheld unit arrived today

    This arrived today. I have just installed the map Jerry sent me. Started the car and gave it a little blip and it felt like it does when you have just unblocked your Hoover but in reverse. I did t realise the map would come back as soon as It did otherwise I wouldn't of had a large glass of...
  6. G

    Eurocharged handheld advice

    Hi guys I have a my genius handheld programmer that I got from eurocharged to map my 2010 C63. The car is now sold now unfortunately and I have the programmer still. Can anyone shed any light if I'm able to sell this on as I have a feeling that it may be coded to my cars vin number ...
  7. S

    Best car handheld vacuum

    Need a handheld vacuum for the car - any recommendations? I know handheld vacuums are not as powerful as as conventional household vacuums but it really irritates me when the car is internally dirty, and its usually only in the footwell that debris is accumulated, so a regular hoover should...
  8. O

    MyGenius handheld device

    No longer required. Still boxed etc. Map would need to be purchased seperately but save money buying a new handheld. £50
  9. c_200k

    Eurocharged handheld programmer

    Had this for my W211 E63 which I sold 6 months ago. I'm sure you can get a map for your car from Eurocharged and use the handheld, please check with Eurocharged first. £200+pp ono
  10. Ricky16

    Eurocharged handheld programmer

    Hi all been looking for more info on the eurocharged handheld programmer and performance software this appeals to me as the wife would ask some awkward questions if I take my car garage to have a remap. What are the benefits / pros cons of doing it this way over going to Msl/eurocharged Thanks...
  11. J

    OBD2 Handheld recomendations

    Hi, Grateful for some advice I have an April 2004 E320 CDI Saloon car. Firstly, is it OBD2 compliant? Secondly, If it is what OBD2 machine would forum experts recomend I see them on good old ebay for upwards of circa £20 I am "tight" but I'd rather spend a little more for one that will do the...
  12. H

    Handheld Speed-trap

    This device is the smallest speed trap in the world, but it packs a mighty punch. Thanks to clever technology, it can pinpoint speeders on busy motorways, or even in bad weather. Called the SpeedLaserB, it fits snugly in the palm and is designed to be no harder to use than a pair of binoculars...
  13. Barryh

    handheld vacum

    I am looking to buy a vacum for easy cleaning the car.What are your opinions and recommendations? Barry
  14. J

    mercedes handheld diagnostics

    Hi All. I would like to know if anyone here can advise on getting a handheld OBD-II diagnostic codes reader for mercedes cars (post 1996). I noticed that the plug for the OBD computer inside the engine bay of my car (W202 1999 C43) is circular shaped (with 30 or so pins in it) and...
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