1. W

    black handles and roof bars

    I have recently purchased a C Class estate 2001 model and must say other than a few small issues that the guys on this forum are slowly helping me sort out I am super happy with the car. However the previous owner was not so careful during polishing hence I have a number of white stains on the...
  2. D

    W205 illuminated door handles

    Hi all my 8 month old c class has 2 door handle lights gone ,Anyone know if this is common fault and is it warranty covered? Thanks
  3. John

    Internal door hinges / handles.

    Soon to re-paint all the internal doors. All the ironmongery is original from 2002 and so looking to replace. Is there a good place to source these from (I'm looking to match the same hinges to keep the screw holes the same and also either match door handles or increase the footprint to...
  4. R

    W220 Chrome strip on door handles

    Hi does anybody know where i can get the chrome door handle trim (from the top half of the handle) the part comes in the set with a new complete door handle set which you fit after colour painting the handle! But i would like to just replace the chrome part as it is peeling and becoming...
  5. C

    W211 Estate - Source For Keyless Go Door Handles

    Hello chaps, My 2004 W211 came with the keyless go system. Over the years the sensors in all but one of the doors have failed. From reading other threads it seems that the handles cannot be repaired. Can anyone suggest the best place to source a new set of these handles? I am keen to avoid a MB...
  6. jasons

    W202 outer door handles.

    If I was to change my outer door handles for some second hand ones will the car still lock and unlock remotely,is there a sensor in the handle?.mine is a face lift ones with black handles and I am after the handles with the chrome strip at the top.
  7. A

    W115 door handles?!

    Question for you boys, basically my car front doors wouldn't lock or unlock with the key so I bought new handles with keys. Went to change them but when I pulled the old handles off, a small metal bracket fell down into the door and now I don't know how to get it all to fit again?
  8. Deane x

    Wooden grab handles

    MERCEDES S CLASS W220 SET OF GRAB HANDLES | eBay found these rare I think shame the cream ..I am looking for the same but in gray and the wooden drop down tabblets any one seen any for sale ?
  9. T

    Changing Door Handles

    Hello all! So I'm just checking the feasibility of changing my drivers side door handle (RHD). A colleague of mine who drives a '11 BMW 320d had his car almost stolen the other day, they bored out the lock on the drivers door, but, apparently didn't get past this stage. The police told him...
  10. A

    Which handles better 2009 E350 CDI or CLS350 CDI?

    Hi, I know this might get a few subject comments, but I'd like to find out if anyone has owned or driven both of these cars for any length of time and if so, which one handles better on A roads and which one is better for eating motorway miles? Thanks
  11. grober

    W204 broken door handles!

    I know :crazy: all I seem to post now are tales of woe about the W204! A recent thread on the Mercedes-Benz Club alerted me to this issue. Evidently the door handles on recent Mercedes are made of plastic instead of metal and prone to fatigue fracture. :eek: So far so good-- BUT ---...
  12. clashcityrocker

    internal grab handles

    iam working my way through a couple of things i want to replace and the internal grab handles on driver and passenger sides are a bit scratched and untidy looking how easy are they to come off do i have to remove the door card any info much apppreciated
  13. markheaney2

    w210 door handles

    does anyone have a diagram of what the door handle mechanism looks like on the inside of the door what the door handle connects to it has got to the point where you have to pull the door handle right out before the door releases this is on a w210 e class 2001
  14. benz13

    W202 colour coded door handles

    Wanted a full set of silver 744 door handles for my w202 sport .
  15. G

    W204 Paint flaking on door handles.

    Hi , Just looking to see if there is a common problem with the paint on the door handles flaking? Been to Mercedes dealer and been through MBUK and they are simply just not interested in helping identify the problem or to undertake any work under the extended warranty. Three out of the four...
  16. B

    E Class (w212) does it have exterior lights on the door handles.

    I've just collected my new factory order e220 sport estate that i'm super pleased with but i'm sure when I had a demo car for a weekend about 6 months ago, that car had lights in the door handles on the outside but my new car doesn't..... Was I imagining it or have I missed something..I see no...
  17. zenman63

    Interior led ?? in the vito grab handles.

    Hi, just finish fitting and wiring 4 grab handles in the vito. 2 x rear wired from the interior light at the back, and the fronts, fitted both sides from the front interior light, all work as they should and fade out as they should, all good there. Question is the light is not clean and...
  18. G

    R&R Lower balljoints and Front LCA Bushings. Car handles very well now :)

    I just took my car to a shop to have the lower ball joints and lower control arm bushings replaced and the car drives incredibly well now, almost like brand new. Very solid, all the shimmy-ing, violent steering wheel shakes over bumps and holes, high speed instability, wandering, excessive...
  19. Palmer

    W210 Colour coded door handles in 744 silver

    Will also fit W202. Say £55 posted?
  20. M

    Mercedes W211 Facelift door handles

    A quick question regarding the door handles on a W211 Facelift. Is it okay to lubricate the door handles with WD-40? as they are a bit stiff/rough when they are pulled - the friction can be felt with a dim sound (two rough surfaces sliding). i am a bit curious whether the WD-40 does not effect...
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