1. D

    E350 cdi dynamic handling package

    How can i tell if the above package is fitted to cars I'm looking to buy? Thanks
  2. P

    SLK handling

    Hi Guys.. Just joined up here and also bought a nice 230K SLK 2002 model recently.. Seems to drive well but rolls on corners a tad! appreciate ideas on improving this..gas shocks or....?? Thanks!:-)
  3. Palmer

    W124 suspension / handling options

    Just looking for whats out there really for a W124. Mine is very boaty. Im sure theres a few polybush kits out there Front a rear strut braces Mine already has an E500 roll bar But about shocks and springs? Without completely breaking the bank i see two options: HR Coilovers...
  4. Scooby_Doo

    Dynamic Handling Package - E Coupe

    Has anybody got this feature and how effective is it ?? My C207 has 19" alloys and on some roads it would be nice to soften the suspension somewhat. Although MB have added 19" alloys to all C207's they still list the DHP as an extra @ £550. I've just found the only C207 (E400 excluded) I've...
  5. IMD

    Rough road handling! Life span on struts and springs?

    Hi all, I'm wondering what the effective lifespan is of factory fitted struts and springs? My R129 is really starting to rattle and bounce alarmingly when driving over rougher country roads. I know that the staggered 18 inch wheels don't help and I'm having some suspension components checked...
  6. M

    E63 W211 handling mods

    Hi all just wondering what you can do to make these beasts handle a bit better??? What works??? Ive seen you can get adjustable ride height links do these work??? Any ideas much appreciated!!! Im new to Mercs and don't really know what I can do to her!!!:thumb:
  7. french

    C32 Handling

    Might be asking the impossible here, my car goes like the wind now its had a pulley & map etc. I would like my car to handle a bit crisper to match the power BUT without turning it into a boneshaking ride. Is there a bush kit/roll bar/ strut brace avaiable that has been tried?
  8. S

    SL350 r230 Woolley handling

    She's nearly 11 years old now and the handling doesn't feel especially sharp - I appreciate these aren't race cars but it feels a bit tired on the road and almost disconnected, more so at the rear end. The kind of feeling that can only be described as the wheels shiftying around under the body...
  9. T

    W124 handling problems

    Hi everyone, hope you can help. I've just got rid of my 190E for a W124 300D, and all's well apart from a few handling issues... - At anything above 60mph, it seems to sway and weave quite badly - It tramlines slightly at all speeds, feels like a slight tugging through the wheel - It feels...
  10. 6

    Improving ride quality and handling of a C350 CDI sport

    I've had numerous cars and driven many more, from track biased to luxo barges. I find my C350 CDI saloon Sport quite harsh in terms of comfort, but without the handling benefits. I reckon the springs rates are too high and the dampers don't seem to react to road irregularities well enough. Too...
  11. XJguy

    Sportline, 500E, AMG, the quest for better handling in a W124

    Well much to my chagrin my 94 E320 needs everything that makes it bounce changed at 103k miles. I already have H&R springs, Bilstein sport shocks and the corresponding bump stops, etc. I also have all the components for the rear suspension and bushings new from dealer. I have a Sportline...
  12. D

    Poor handling

    Going into a roundabout or negotiating a bend the car seems to lean more than usual. I dont know what the right term is but it feels like it will almost tip over especially when at speed how do i determine whether its shocks or something else. How can i test the shock absorbers. Could it be...
  13. portal_96

    W204 Dynamic Handling Pack Grille

    I'm looking to change my single chrome bar CKS grille for something different. Either the CKS C63 style grille or ideally the Dynamic Handling Pack Grille from MB. Does anyone know if this is available for purchase from MB and has anyone bought one? I saw a photo of one on here a while ago and...
  14. coolhand

    C-class handling, is this normal?

    I have a 2011 w204 c class. I'm really happy with it but the handling is very odd and I was hoping other owners could tell me if it's normal. I do a lot of motorway driving and I find the car is constantly pulling in one direction or the other. When the road cambers or if there is any crown...
  15. B

    A little vid of some monumentally poor bike handling

    From this weekend and a very, very lucky guy. Change of underwear required for this guy perhaps? Rider records near-death escape on MSN Video
  16. B

    Who's got the Dynamic Handling Package?

    Hi, On the look for a used c350cdi and finding some of the better specced ones have the Dynamic Handling Package. There seems to be a bit of conflicting information out there. Can anyone confirm that in Comfort mode the car is at least as comfortable as a non DHP one?? I have an Audi a4 B7...
  17. M

    SL 500 129 poor handling

    Hi, have a SL 500 129 2001, the handling is not too sharp on uneven roads it tram lines really bad and the steering feels vague, on a smooth road, in a straight line, steady as a rock, fast as you like, decent tyres back and front, standard sizes 17inch, I have changed the cheap bits anti roll...
  18. Endex

    W204 AMG Handling Pack front grille part number

    Hi, I've spent some time looking at grille options for our W204 AMG Sport Estate to break up the sea of silver at the front and recalled seeing a post that suggested that the genuine AMG Handling pack grille was a good option. Does anyone know the part number?:confused:
  19. Tack

    C63 Coupe sport handling mode display

    I have tried to search the interwebz with regards to this, but to no avail. I like to monitor what is happening, but when Sport handling mode is selected I do not appear to be able to view anything else on the MFD. Am I missing something obvious or is that just the way it is? Other...
  20. W

    dynamic handling package on c class 2009

    Just about to purchase c320 sport & getting different veiws on this option! One of the guys on here says it great in comfort mode for bad roads which is what i want! But when i rang merc in derby about car for sale , he said " dynamic handling does not alter suspension only other items like...
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