1. T

    Buying a car but unable to sign logbook on handover

    Evening all, bit of random question here, I'm potentially looking to buy a car this weekend (190e) but it's in Blackpool and I'm South Wales, the car looks great and ticks all the right boxes. I work for a dealer in Swindon and we have a empty truck coming back from Scotland on Monday that...
  2. Skhan

    W126 handover arm not working

    Hi guys the passenger side handover arm on my SEC wasn't working. After messing about with it for a bit, it decided to come out but now won't go back in, I've tried a new relay & door pin switch, still nothing. Any ideas?
  3. J

    Pick up our first MB tomorrow!! (And already have a query...)

    Hi All, Just wanted to say hello to you all as we are about to collect our first MB tomrrow, and are very excited. We have opted for the C220CDI coupe and cant wait to get it home. I had a question re. the handover process.....as its our first MB, i'm not sure what you would typically...
  4. guydewdney

    wanted - any coupe handover arm

    for my pimpmobile W114 project - need rear 'door' crads as well, pref in black - computer not necessary.
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