1. chubbs111

    for sale bury 9058 hands free kit

    FOR SALE bury 9058 touch screen hands free kit,3 months old,comes boxed with all parts and instructions,cost£90 will accept £50
  2. gr1nch

    Hands up current or ex-Saab owners on here?

    Seeing so many posts about Mercedes cars costing a lot to repair, it's reminding how little I've had to repair them two Saabs I've had consecutively over the past 15 years. Both bought when they were 5 years old, my first (best car I ever had at that point) was that Saab sky blue and tan...
  3. jdrrco

    ViseeO MB-4 Bluetooth Hands Free Kit

    ViseeO MB-4 Bluetooth Hands Free Kit for sale on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/162185428007
  4. S

    End of lease hand back - any recent hands on experience?

    The lease is up on my W212 at the end of August and I'm handing the car back a month early to make way for the new one. BCA are picking the car up and, at no extra cost, I've an inspection booked on 21st July where they will tell me what they charges they'll make for wear and tear and then...
  5. J

    C-Class 250 hands free boot opening or not?

    Hi all. New to forum. First post. Have a C-Class 250 diesel saloon now just 18 months old. I have owned it for 12 months. Had engine warning light on twice in last few months. Repaired under warranty twice with NOX sensors replaced and on the first occasion a software upgrade. The last repair...
  6. flying haggis

    some people have too much time on there hands

  7. Adeinfrance

    Parrot hands free

    Hi. Does anyone have any experience in the fitting of a Parrot hands free kit? The wife recently had one fitted by Halfords, on her BMW 530D, sorry it's not a Mercedes, but the Parrot is live all the time even when the ignition s off, so the car is now starting to display an error saying...
  8. S

    Hands free option? 2002 E Class

    Hi folks, may I ask if any members know of a hands free option that would be compatible with a 2002 E Class? The Mercedes dealer in Belfast sent my wife round to Halfords to get it sorted but Halfords advised that it wasn't possible due to the way the car had been wired at the factory. There is...
  9. notsofast

    CLS W219 hands free mic or air temp sensor?

    Or something else?
  10. mattyv33

    Fitting IO Play 2 hands free kit to W220 with Comand

    Hi all, have been searching for hours for an answer to my questions but there are so many different ones! I have the old style comand with square screen and keypad on the right. I bought an IO PLAY 2 for Bluetooth and music streaming, it comes with an iso lead. I pulled the comand out to find...
  11. B

    Hands free phone

    Just got a c220 estate for work on an 04 plate has been pre-wired (or so the handbook says) for a hands freephone but all that comes up is that no phone is connected... What is the better option for an in car phone to link up to my iPhone 5s
  12. Jay2512

    Keyless Go & Hands free access

    Trying to figure out if the new W212 estate i have ordered with Keyless Go and Hands Free Access will feature the function of opening the boot with a pass of a foot under the rear bumper? I ordered the Premium Plus pack which includes this feature and it is on my order however the dealer thinks...
  13. G

    Audio 20 (2005) - Listening to MP3 songs and hands free phone calls?

    Hello, everyone I have an audio 20 (not sure what version but I attach a pic and the car is 2005 E280 CDI Classic), Single CD that can't play MP3 songs. Also, I don't have a Bluetooth connection in the car. I wonder if there is any Aux In, USB or any slots other than the CD slot. I would...
  14. G

    Help with hands free bluetooth car phone

    Hello People, I am trying to find a kit that will fit my car with bluetooth for connection to my mobile phone to no avail :wallbash:. I have a 2001 MB E320 avantgarde with an audio 10 radio cassette head unit, I have searched everywhere I can think of and can only find the kits for audio 20's...
  15. mr tibbs

    Can I fit a hands free stereo into a w210?

    Hi all I have an E320 W210 with an aftermarket Becker Traffic Pro Stereo and I would like to change it to a hands free bluetooth stereo so that we can answer the phone (handsfree of course) while driving. Can anyone tell me if this is an easy, straight swap option and if so any recommendations...
  16. Howard

    Genuine German Forklift H&S video

    I see a lot of health and safety videos at work , but none as good as this ! It really gets going in the last three minutes ! Funny German Forklift Safety Training Video is Bloody [VIDEO] | HEAVY
  17. Jukie

    Has this one pass through Mercland's hands?

    Mercedes-Benz E Class E280 CDI Avantgarde 4dr Tip Auto 3.0 sat nav, lovely example Either that or he's wangled some free advertising on the rear number plate! Looks a nice car.
  18. mr tibbs

    Hands free phone kit install...

    Hi all I want to install a Nokia CK-1 hands free phone kit into our W210 E320. Can anyone tell me the best location for the box please and also where is the nearest feed +12/Neutral in the at location? I have looked below the passenger side trim but there is no room and cannot see any power that...
  19. D

    now eVan has changed hands, is there ANY year-round european van insurance out there?

    I wonder if there is such a thing anywhere other than with eVan - year round cover with no limit on european travel... I had this with eVan then Asda took over and now it's back to 90 day limit with them, or if I stay with eVan they want to put my premium up from about £400 to £1800 despite no...
  20. markjay

    H&S again

    There are several flats in our building with a small common hall and a staircase. Our managing agent informed us that their H&S man says that communal parts in buildings are deemed as workplaces and therefore the very strict H&S At Work regulations apply rather than just the less-stringent...
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