1. B

    Rhapsody digital phone system inc handsets

    This is the phone system I had in my old office. BT Rhapsody, 4 lines, 8 extensions. The system comprises: * wall-mounted PBX unit (34 x 26 x 45 cm) * eight handsets * 19" 1U patchpanel * wallboxes (enough for the system) This will be ideal for a small office or a big house. You can call, and...
  2. jukie

    What handset(s)...

    ...if any, will fit a factory-fitted car kit in a MY2000 E320, other than the handset that came with it, a Nokia 5110? I think this handset may be knackered, as it won't recognise any sim I put in it. I'm thinking possibly 6210/6310? TIA.
  3. culpano

    New BT Freestyle 210 handsets - no dial tone

    Perhaps I am being really thick here but.... I've just bought a pair of Freestyle 210 handsets, charged it overnight and set it up this morning. Everything seems to be powered up but when I press the talk button there is no dialtone. Do I have to be with BT for it to work ? I moved to...
  4. Tan

    O/T Free Mobile Handsets on O2

    Hi Guys Dunno if this will interest anyone, for me its great as its an excuse to get a nice new gadget. I have just heard that O2 stores are doing all Handsets free on the O2 network. You have to connect to a £45 a month tariff for at least 3 months but can then change to any other...
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