1. 0

    Handsfree is a must!!

    Hi Guys and Gals, I have a 2008 CLS 320CDI and must have handsfree for my work phone. The connection for the old style 6310 for example, is in the centre console, minus its cradle. Both are readily available on the Bay but my question is: Once i buy and fit the cradle and phone into the...
  2. Gollom

    Fiscon Pro Bluetooth Handsfree **INCLUDES INSTALLATION**

    Fiscon Pro Handsfree Bluetooth for Mercedes - NTG1/NTG2/Audio20/APS50 audio systems (37564) Version 2 These are selling for up to £380 on Ebay for just the device - I am offering it for £299 and this even includes professional installation & coding by Alfie at Comand Totally seamless...
  3. Gollom

    Fiscon Pro Bluetooth Handsfree for Mercedes NTG1/NTG2/Audio20/APS50

    Fiscon Pro Handsfree Bluetooth for Mercedes - NTG1/NTG2/Audio20/APS50 audio systems (37564) Version 2 These are selling for up to £380 on Ebay - happy to take £290 for a quick sale (I want to replace the old-skool COMAND in my ML) Totally seamless functionality - uses car speakers and...
  4. st13phil

    Odd Hands-Free Entry Behaviour

    Background: My E63 has hands-free access to the boot, which is achieved by making a kicking motion under the rear of the car and as long as the key is on your person the boot lid will either open or close. I park my car on my drive overnight (garage full of motorcycle, workbench etc.) with...
  5. D

    Desktop handsfree mobile

    Not sure if there is such a thing available but worth asking. I use my mobile for business and take advantage of unlimited free calls. Looking for a solution for making hands free calls at my desk, it becomes a pain holding the phone for an hour or so and it would be useful to have both...
  6. G

    Handsfree boot open/close

    May sound a bit of a dumb question, but is there a knack to the hands free boot opening/closing on a C Class (W205). I know you're meant to make a kicking motion under the rear bumper, but is there a sensor somewhere that I need to be swiping over? It just seems so temperamental, sometimes it...
  7. V

    R230 SL Bluetooth handsfree phone ?

    Hi all, First post so please be gentle lol Recently bought a 2002 R230 SL. I'd like to be able to connect my iphone via bluetooth for handsfree. is this possible? Ive seen bluetooth modules being sold on a popular auction site. Can i just buy one and plug it in? or do they need...
  8. roger574

    Portable bluetooth hands-free - Parrot MINIKIT Neo 2HD

    I'm thinking of getting a bluetooth handsfree kit for the car and thought it would be useful to have one that I could move between our various vehicles. I came across the Parrot MINIKIT Neo 2HD and wondered if anyone here had one and, if so, whether you'd recommend it? Also, is anyone...
  9. H

    56 plate s320 cannot fit handsfree

    Hi all, I have a 56 plate s320 with no phone kit or wiring. I have been told today that I cannot fit a parrot or a bury kit as my car has harman kardon stereo. There is no lead made which connects to this stereo to allow a hands-free to work. Is this correct or is there a solution. Thanks...
  10. T

    Stereo handsfree

    Hello, I'm new on here and new to owning a Mercedes so go easy.:bannana: I recently purchased an 08 vito 111, it has a W245 stereo (I think)and buttons on the steering wheel, so my question is how do I enable the handsfree, a visit to to Mercedes? Last owner never got it done. And the blue...
  11. D

    Viseeo handsfree

    Hi I have a Viseeo MB-2 in my car and want to update the software but i dont have the lead that connects into the socket on the back of the unit. does anybody know where i can get one? ive tried the internet with no success, thanks George
  12. S

    Nokia 6090 handsfree upgrade to bluetooth

    Hi guys, I am new in this forum and maybe this subject has come up and you guys may have a straight answer for it. I've got a 2001 CL500. This came from factory with nokia 6090 handsfree kit which plugs in to a rj50 socket inside the armrest. I am looking at options to upgrade this and have...
  13. L

    W203 C Class Bury Bluetooth Handsfree

    Hi,I have a complete Bury System 8 system. Includes: W203 Mercedes C Class Brodit Arm (no need to drill holes in dash) W203 Audio 10/20 Wiring Loom Audio Mute Controller Bury System 8 UniTalk Control Box Microphone Blackberry 8520 Charging Cradle The bluetooth transmitter is in the cradle. You...
  14. t-dawg1

    Mercedes Bluetooth HFP handsfree

    Bought one of these on eBay and installed in my W211...all I can say is wow,great clarity and excellent piece of kit and works brilliantly with my iPhone. I strongly recommend this to anyone considering one for their car Cheers
  15. P

    HBC-700 BT handsfree install - W220 - Should be fun!

    Hi, On my list of to-dos is adding aftermarket bluetooth handsfree. In the past I have fitted the Sony Ericcson HBC-700 system and it always works with my phones so that will be the one to go in. I removed my last one from my old car and stuck it into the Smart Car. Works a treat and is...
  16. D

    Adding Bluetooth handsfree and Audio

    Hi All, I am buying a 2005 Mercedes CLK 240. I know it doesn't have bluetooth or sat-nav so from looking on Google I assume this means the car has an Audio 20 system? I am very keen on having bluetooth handsfree fitted with A2DP for streaming music, whilst using the steering wheel controls...
  17. L_A

    Viseeo MB-2 bluetooth handsfree adaptor

    Bluetooth adaptor for sale from my w211 i believe this fits quite a few models after 2005. Comes in original box with instructions Open to offers
  18. D

    95 E280 handsfree

    Hi, need to find the Nokia hands free kit to get the serial number for the passcode- I know it is somewhere behind dash. Any ideas where I should start before I take the whole car apart?!
  19. W

    Can I connect to Merc’s BT handsfree & a 3rd party BT music device at the same time?

    Hi! Anyone has experience of using Bluetooth music adaptor for Media Interface while connecting to the Mercedes’ original Bluetooth handsfree at the same time using the same phone? I am interested in buying the ViseeO Tune2Air WMA1000 Bluetooth wireless music adaptor which claims to be...
  20. gurpz

    Parrot/Bury Handsfree Kits

    I have some in car handsfree kits for sale if anyone may be interested: gurpz47 | eBay
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