1. ioweddie

    Handy Tip to remove water marks

    Had some water spots on my bonnet, tried most things but they were still there, did a bit of googling and found out that white vinegar diluted with 3 parts water, applied with a soft cloth, gently wiped over the area a few times, then rinse with plain water. Hey Presto all gone. you do have to...
  2. marty359

    Dash cams come in handy

    The wife took the car for a service today and picked it up after work but when I got home I noticed it had been cleaned but also noticed the front towing eye cover was missing and the bumper all creased :eek: Clean car with two little specs of light blue paint near the damage.....hmmmm. I'd...
  3. nick mercedes

    handy or just another big brother black box?

    RAC launches device that will warn motorists of faults in cars before vehicles break down | Mail Online "The RAC is to launch a device that will warn motorists about faults in their cars before they break down. The matchbox-sized device, called the RAC Advance, transmits data about the car...
  4. Btbuk

    Handy website (Manuals)

    I have found this website the other day and become handy to me. You can find lots of manuals for cars, tv, computers, washing machine for absolutely everything really. ManualsLib - Makes it easy to find manuals online! Enjoy.
  5. timskemp

    ESP came in handy today

    Will save the details for when the insurance is settled and the police satisfied, but today during an overtake the truck I was passing clipped the left rear end of my car... In pre ESP days I reckon it would have been a spin ending at the first solid object, but with all that happened was a bit...
  6. developer

    Handy Man

    I just thought I'd share this with you for no other reason than it's funny :D. As I removed a bath today I glanced downwards out of the window to see the male tenant from the adjacent house stood butt naked in front of his kitchen sink, facing a mobile phone (camera, I assume), giving it the...
  7. N

    Handy looking Merc wheel tool

    Hi, I just came across this video and thought I would share it https://mercedessource.com/node/8567 There seem to be tools available that make fitting the wheels back on your car easier. Looks like quite a smart idea, I just ordered one on ebay for about £8 for an original MB one.
  8. BobbyHowie

    R-class Jump Start Handy Hint

    Read how to do it before you have to!!! My wife and I and another couple flew into Edinburgh from Barbados Saturday 06:00 and his CLS had a flat battery. I've jump leads so brought my car over to his and eventually found his battery! Mine wasn't under the bonnet either or the tailgate...
  9. WDB124066

    A Very Handy Service?

    See what they are up to in Australia, is this something you would use.....?? Devilishly clever customer service from Mercedes-Benz
  10. I

    Handy Site from Denmark, at a glance Merc info from 1980-on

    Just click the various links for a quick check on the different models. If you work back to the start site you'll find all makes available in the same format. bilmodel.dk » Mercedes-Benz Happy surfing. Cheers, Paul
  11. jaymanek

    Any Mobile Mechanics or Handy People in Herts?

    I need to a diff taking of a 190 Shell within the next few days... Anyone up for this for a fee? I think the chap said stevenage or nearby.. Thanks Jay
  12. Lugy

    Someone with their W140 handy - picture request please!

    I'm after a picture from a W140, chances are you won't have it on file :wallbash:. It's a picture of the trim around the wiper at the bottom of the windscreen. After looking at mine in the daylight, I'm less than impressed. I'll diverge more later. This is what mine looks like now; Cheers :)
  13. D

    Has my car got Universal Handy Interface

    Does anybody know how I tell if my car has UHI? I have a 2005 c220 avantgarde, as I am thinking of getting a ViseeO Mercedes Bluetooth hands free mobile phone in car kit cradle. My car has all the telephone buttons on the stereo and steering wheel.:)
  14. W

    Anyone handy with Mosaic tiling?

    Hi gang, Been doing a bit of DIY this week at home, currently finishing off a dowstairs W/C / cloakroom. All the difficult stuff is done - all stripped out, new floor, re-plastered ceiling, new lights and extractor, new radiator plumbed in, plumbed in for outside tap etc. Boxed in some...
  15. verytalldave

    Handy Information

    Wondering where to plan your next holiday? THIS is the only price comparison website you will even need when trying to decide where to go..................:D http://www.pintprice.com/
  16. television

    Handy link for fluids

    Not just Citroen but the fluids that we use http://www.candokaraoke.com/tony.html
  17. K

    Handy if you have the cash

  18. Bobby Dazzler

    MB Tier 1 Warranty documents - got it handy?

    Urgent plea for help!! Anyone got the Tier 1 warranty booklet handy? I need to know if the cost of an MOT is included in the same way as it is on Service Plus. I've always enjoyed a complimentary MOT on our cars, but when I dropped my car off this morning I was asked how I intending to...
  19. PJH

    Handy for the next GTG

    Ebay link
  20. pammy

    A handy shopping guide for you guys

    Imagine if major companies from all around the world started producing and sponsoring condoms...... Sainsbury Condoms - making life taste better Tesco Condoms - every little helps Nike Condoms - Just do it. Peugeot Condoms - The ride of your life. Galaxy Condoms - Why have rubber when you...
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