1. M

    S124 / W124 exhaust hangers

    Hello The rear and middle sections of the exhaust on my recently acquired S124 E220 are either partially or completely missing (jubilee clip anyone?) I need to get some new replacements but as I don't have the originals, I've no idea what I'm looking for. Can anyone help me with the...
  2. LTD

    Coat Hangers

    Like these ... I hear that you should remove these if you have rear passengers you should remove these - presumably due to safely. Would this apply to a LWB ????
  3. mark.t

    god dam tail hangers

    Coming home tonight with daughter in car (4years old) 20mph over speed humps suddenly behind me this idiot appears d.r.v.mirror stops me from being blinded by his full beam and him right up my ****...then tries to overtake on a roundabout on the inside....red mist ...I pull over and let him pass...
  4. marc777

    A great move - one up the middle lane hangers

    Leaving London on the Westway. Usual band of middle lane hoggers sitting pretty, completely and utterly oblivious to their surroundings and all content to sit there because (a) thats what the car in front is doing and (b) about 3 miles away there is a HGV on the inside lane. That jams up the...
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